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    Hello folks,

    After a very long time and very hard period i came back to this forum. Finally i decided to learn and spend my most of time here. I find this forum very well and here entrepreneur help each other very well. I thought the same i don't know about your mentality. I struggle a lot to make money online & i did. I earn around $500 USD yet. I just buy to Google pay developer account India ip address approve. But they both are waste for me. I have two software which can help you to develop Image and Book Application but the issue is while developing apps both software giving me problem which is not possible to solve. I tired to solve the issue even i contact support of software. I know i am writing a very bad English i am not good in Eng. I am taking a class as well. If i did some mistake in grammar and spelling error then please forgive me or don't laugh on me. Is there anyone can help me to solve the issue i am facing while using both software. You can find both software on

    Take a look and reply me with your best answer

    Thank for reading out my post.