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    Nov 30, 2011
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    Me and my partner does have about 27 sites in gambling niche. We have 3 PR5, 6 PR4, 11 PR3 and the rest are PR2 and 1 so to speak. Although they have a good juice, but they do not get much traffic and of course they aren?t making much money. Couple months ago, we sold some links to people who contacting us directly based on price they?re offered and after that we receive no more, which means no more income for us. Considering the circumstances that we have to cover these site costs, we decided to sell their juice instead.

    But the problem is, I am relatively new in this niche & selling-link things and so do my partner is, and we have no idea what is the right price for the link is going to be. I?m thinking about selling them in annual basis. Any advice and suggestions are greatly appreciated.