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Jan 29, 2020
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now im planning to buy a new laptop my budget is 900$.

can u pls suggest a laptop for me, as im a graphic designer and ill be using Adobe packages (illustrator, photoshop, after effects....).

Both should work fine for your case. You will also need a SSD and a good quality graphics card with it to make full use of the softwares. Also, keep in mind that After Effects is much more demanding in terms of resources than the other two you have mentioned.

Edit: Oh, and because you are buying a laptop. Do consider the quality of the screen too. Laptops generally have crappy screens. Your hardware might be excellent, but your screen quality might suck. You won't be able to reproduce the colors accurately in this case. Having a HD screen is not enough for graphics designing. Make sure that the color accuracy is good too (macs rule this space AFAIK).
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I assume you're also considering other factors: disk storage type (SSD / HDD), disk storage manufacturer (performance varies heavily per different manufacturers), graphics card (also important because you mentioned After Effects), build quality, and so on. In the grand scheme of things, whether you choose AMD or Intel will only play a marginal role.
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