Amazon Payment Via Gift Certificate?

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    Hi, hope this is not my being stupid again, overlooking the obvious :rolleyes:

    How do we get paid as an amazon associate (affiliate) in another country - suppose we are not eligible for a bank account in that country? It is my understanding that we have to do something with getting a gift certificate through the amazon site corresponding to the affiliate program.

    For example, I made a few bucks with, and I didn't know much, but I let it go, and my gift certificates (or what ever they are called) expired, and I lost out the commission :( .

    Can anyone shed some light on this? Whether you are an associate for Germany, or where ever (or US in another country and you have to cash out in gift certificates).

    How do you do it?? I just can't find the urls for it. DO not worry about it if you don't do Japan! Just tell me how you do it for your country and I CAN figure it out from there - (have you ever tried to google something, and realized "google is not there for me on this one" - that is how I feel here)

    Oh, if you are into Amazon, there is a subforum here at BHW called Making Bank With Amazon - You should become a member of that forum, because it is new and it needs members.

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