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  1. malina1 Marketplace - E-commerce Affiliate program. Worldwide GEO

    Hello everyone! Many people remember 2010-2014 and the crazy payments from Amazon Associates. - It's a new marketplace with huge ambitions! We want to do the impossible and repeat this success and we have set RevShare 15%-22%. Any type of traffic is allowed. Sales are the main...
  2. C

    New amazon affiliates account after ban

    I run a few youtube channels in the tech niche, making top 5 videos and monetizing through adsense (30%) and amazon affiliates (70%), currently making around 6-10k a month. A few days ago one of my affiliate accounts got banned, because apparently my content "belongs to a third party", this is...
  3. H

    Amazon Associates Account Banned for Violation (LOST ALL THE MONEY)

    Recently (2 weeks ago) I received an email from Amazon, my account is banned forever. Not only the account, my name and the domains too. I called to support every day for a week, if you have this problem know that the support is useless. All the future payments won't be made, so I lost the last...
  4. odyssee

    My Online Business Income - February & March 2023

    For the last two months I have not posted my earnings and so I am doing it now. Forgive me, I have been working a lot in and on the business, as well as playing with Chat GPT 4. My main focus is Amazon Merch on Demand and my YouTube Channel (I create two Faceless YouTube videos per week)...
  5. odyssee

    Online Business Revenue - January 2023 X,XXX€

    Hello world, I have made it my goal to post my earnings from all my online ventures here once a month 1/12 ✓ Money source #1 YouTube I have a German Faceless YouTube Channel, which had about 50,000 clicks in January 2023 and brought in *only* 123€ in ad revenue, which is already really sad and...
  6. QwertE84

    Weird analytics for Amazon Associates

    I've got an approved UK amazon associates account, and recently Amazon have stopped registering my clicks, but continue to register sales? So for yesterday, according to Amazon, I got 0 clicks, but 8 sales (which all haven't dispatched after 48 hours) and 1 bounty. Anyone else experiencing...
  7. odyssee

    My 2022 Earnings With 3 Years Of Experience

    Hey guys, my alias is Odyssey and I've been making money online for about 3 years now. I've been reading here for a while and wanted to introduce myself. Currently I am 23 years old, born in Germany and I still live here with the goal to move to a country with a higher quality of life. The...
  8. T

    Amazon Associate: how to improve my website

    Hi everyone, I am writing this post to ask for your help. I have a website completely dedicated to Amazon Associate program. It is a site that today generates about 400 $ per month in commissions. I'm not complaining but I would like to work full time to generate more traffic and above all more...
  9. Luced

    What should be my next project?

    All my projects are completed for 2022. I am free for the next 5-6 months. Therefore, thinking of starting a new project. But I'm confused between the two. 1. Start a niche affiliate website - Choose a micro niche, write articles about it, and link with amazon. 2. Sell an online course -...
  10. Bloodseeker

    Now that my Amazon affiliate account is banned, what options do I have?

    For those of you who do not know, I got greedy and lost my account. Here's the complete story: I want to know my options. I have the site ready, specifically for Amazon affiliates. In fact, it has more than 50,000 words...
  11. J

    First steps check | First mini sale check | What next? | What is your opinion?

    Good evening, everyone! I'd want to make my first post (after the introduction :)) to the forum. I would like some help to find my way, I'd like to ask a few questions to you, but first I will write some of my story. For the past few months, I've been reading about Internet Marketing and...
  12. phpmate

    Looking for a amazon affiliate & SEO Expert

    I’m looking someone who have experience with amazon affiliate website and SEO. I have an Amazon affiliate website made 2018. The rankings and sells are down significantly $120 to $10. The website made in Wordpress with generatepress theme. I think I need to improve the website design and do...
  13. odyssee

    Amazon delete my Amazon Associates Account, what should I do to prevent it?

    Dear community, I have an "Amazon Associates" account to sell products through affiliate links. Every par days I sell something through my links, however Amazon keeps deleting my Associates account (three times already) and as a result I have lost hundreds of Euros. The problem why the account...
  14. M

    Problem with amazon associates

    Hello there i run a blog for coupon and deals called couponogram amazon associates banned my account and sent me this email Your website includes an unapproved use of Amazon trademarked words, images, or reviews (which may include variations or misspellings). We do not allow the unapproved...
  15. M

    I'm having some problems while using amazon associates

    Hello, there I'm running a Website for coupons and deals called couponogram I've received an email from deleting my associate's account and it says : Your website includes an unapproved use of Amazon trademarked words, images, or reviews (which may include variations or...
  16. b2mcd

    Amazon Cutting Commissions on April 21st

    Well, it appears that commissions will be cut once again on April 21st. Highest rate is now 3% for some shopping categories, while many have fallen to 1%. Unreal, looks like this is going to affect a lot of people. They just sent out an email.
  17. Davegnima

    Amazon associate blog and featured images from api

    Is it ok for amazon and copyright owners if I use pics form the api as posts featured images using content egg? What do you use as feature images on your amazon associate blog?
  18. DetectiveKenta

    [50 / 50] Current Amazon associates site $300 / month

    As the title suggests, I currently have a website that is bringing in $300 / month through Amazon Associates. This is in the health and fitness niche. I cannot keep writing content for this site so I'm willing to partner up for 50% of the profits and 50% of the costs. I mainly need QUALITY...
  19. Y

    Amazon Associates HELP me out please!

    Hey guys, maybe you can help me out. I am trying to become an Amazon Associate, but don't have a website currently. I have some Telegram groups and channels though, with a few thousand members each. Inside these groups I would like to broadcast Amazon affiliate links through affiliate bots and...
  20. unsungwarrior

    Amazon Affiliate websites SECRET NETWORK - shady but $$$$

    So guys look what i found...
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