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Apr 20, 2014
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As you probably know there are a lot of Amazon sellers or Merch by Amazon creators. I am Merch by Amazon creator and I am running into an issue trying to get into Amazon Marketing Services to promote some of the products. Has anyone been experiencing that lately? Or am I just dumb and don't see something lol.

They had me sign up for Vendor Express account (I am not a vendor, I am a seller) and then they tell me that they do not accept any more Vendor Express accounts anymore. Then I got clever (at least I thought I was) and opened up a seller account to be told I need to become a vendor and sign up for Vendor Express account - WHAT o_O?! It has been very interesting to be honest but I have hit a wall at least 3 times on this.

I would appreciate any comments on this, maybe I keep missing something here but how hard can it be to sign up for the AMS..

Please move if I posted in the wrong section.
Wee bump..

Has anyone gone through the process of getting a Amazon Marketing Services account? I need to get access to this service and was wondering how I should go about getting it
I'm looking for an AMS Account presently. Can anybody assist?
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