amazon seller account

  1. L

    Amazon has suspended my selling privileges and is holding my funds

    Hello everyone! I am a new Amazon seller and I engage in dropshipping, sourcing products from another e-commerce platform to list them for sale on Amazon. Recently, it seems that Amazon has suspended my selling privileges and is holding my funds in the account due to some suspicions. I am...
  2. EcomWolfs

    [Amazon Seller Account Guide] Start Creating Unlimited Amazon Seller Stealth Accounts For Your Business Needs. Become Certified Amazon N...

    Hello BHW community! My name is Kevin from EcomWolfs, nice to meet all of you! :) We've spent lots of time compiling all of our knowledge in making Amazon seller stealth accounts. And now, finally, its released for BHW members exclusively! Link to product is HERE (or you can click on our...
  3. B

    Ebay and Amazon strath what's needed theses days?

    Haven't sold in a long time but want to try again see of I can make any extra money. Is Amazon and eBay asking for ID now? I heard Amazon is doing video calls to verify. Has anyone set up recently and know what they're asking for?
  4. vigyavan

    Amazon seller account deactivated!!

    We haven't issued any refund without justification so I don't know why they did it and happened to both my seller accounts. Anyone here know the actual reason?
  5. John4life2017

    Amazon suspended my seller account

    Hi, Amazon suspended my seller account because of 'used sold as new products'. Now I have to submit a plan of action. It's not the end of the world though as I have multiple Amazon seller accounts. It is annoying though as I only sell new products! Has this or similar issue happened to anyone else?
  6. Roboxit

    Multiple Amazon Seller Accounts Question?

    How can I not get tracked using two different amazon accounts on the same address with the same router? I have been using two different computers for each account. Even when using different computer, is it the same ip? How can I solve the issue of not being tracked by amazon using multiple accounts?
  7. John4life2017

    Guy wants to buy my Amazon Seller account for a too good to be true price

    Hi all, Earlier today, someone contacted me on Amazon saying that he is interested in buying my Amazon Seller account. He offered a very generous amount for it. Thinking that it's a scam, I told him that I would take payment only thru Bitcoin. He immediately agreed and is ready to transfer 50%...
  8. S

    Looking for Amazon Seller Account (UK)

    Anyone would like to sell your Amazon Seller Account (UK), I just want the account only.
  9. Roscoe Rojas

    Hola from Central America

    Hola! Im an American Amazon private label seller, eBay dropshipper, Hemp/CBD industry veteran and am here to learn more about Capitalizing on some targeted opted in CBD industry emails on a list I built. What Up BWH ✌
  10. GoogleDude

    Amazon Joint Venture 2020

    Hi there! It’s about time that I jump on to expanding over to Amazon. Actually I have sold over Amazon for a while and there were people who guided me through and cheered for me. I’m here to offer the same help to people who have an idle Amazon business with them and need to start off someday...
  11. amz128

    Looking to buy Aged Amazon Seller Accounts (2011-2016)

    Hello, I'm looking to buy real, verified, working aged Amazon Seller Accounts on FBA (2011-2016). Contact me PM.
  12. A

    Anyone Selling Amazon Seller Accounts ?

    Hello, guys, I'm looking to buy an Amazon Seller Account any seller?
  13. David Willy

    Amazon Seller Account Catastrophe

    Hi there everybody! Recently there has been a lot of situation where people are saying that their seller accounts have been banned out of the blue and now they cannot log in at all. In case anybody's facing the same situation without any reasonable reason, please mention. Regards, David
  14. David Willy

    A Decent Opportunity Of JV For Amazon Seller Account Owners

    I have been working as a go-to for seller account reinstatement for a while and have kept a sharp eye over simple but devastating mistakes that can ruin a seller account. I intend to stick to my plan of helping people out in this regard relieving them of handling the operations. This is a shout...
  15. D

    Amazon Topical Approval - Pay for Approval

    I am looking for someone who has expert knowledge and get our Seller Central account approved for the Topicals in the Beauty category on Amazon
  16. N

    Need Someone to create me Amazon seller Account !

    Hello ! Please can someone of you create amazon seller account using their information due to my account was suspended and I can't create another one using my documents , please if someone help me and create it with their information and verify it , then I will change information to mine ...
  17. A


    Hi i'm looking for someone who can creat a amazon seller account for me, i will pay you for your services. Thanks!
  18. D

    Amazon Sellers Account Ownership Transfer

    I have been looking for a clean, aged US Amazon Sellers account and I have someone ready to sell, but the account is registered as a sole proprietorship using his ss # (US) and the email associated with the seller's account is tied to his main buyer's account. He won't part ways with his...
  19. B

    Amazon should I supply docs or open new account?

    I opened a new stealth account a few months back and immediately got hit with the message to send in invoices etc. Apparently they are doing this for all new seller accounts now. I have the docs now but worried because its been so long the account may be flagged then I waste docs for nothing...
  20. A

    Amazon Seller Account

    I need a person who will look for amazon seller accounts for me. With every successful transaction is ready to pay 500 USD What i need? 1) USA Aged Seller account , 4+ years old. 2) EU Aget seller account , 1 year old , 10+ feedbacks. Thank you!
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