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    May 29, 2014
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    This is my 1st Journey, So what i did so far is i Published one e-book on KDP yesterday , the book went live today :)

    This story is a work of fiction and contains
    descriptions of explicit sexual acts between a young
    girl and older woman.

    Priced at $2.99 , today i purchased 5 Verified and 2 Un-Verified reviews for my e-book , will be running Promotion for 5-6 Days and will get some 4-5 Star reviews on my e-book , to see how it goes .

    the ebook is listed on ever Kindle Store ( US,UK,CA,IN etc etc)

    The reviews i get done today was on US Kindle Store.. WILL be publishing another e-book today based on same niche , This was just a test book i published to see the results.

    I have few questions regarding KDP if you can help me out it would be great..

    Q1. How many reviews will i need to get the ebook to stable 1-2 Purchases daily or to make it List higher in amazon search engine.

    Q2. Is there any way to generate promo codes for ebook as i see no such option , what after promotion period is expired i will have to pay ebook cost + review cost to get the reviews done , bUT I WILL TAKE rISK AND INVEST $100 IN PROMOTION

    Q3. Any keyword Finder or keyword tool to setup the right keywords while publishing ebook on specific niche

    Any help would be appreciated... :)