1. B

    Wanted: Amazon kindle reviews from germany

    Wanted: 5 Star Amazon Reviews for kindle ebook located: germany, austria, switzerland... Offers are welcome by PM. Thx
  2. AlexAkimbo

    KDP Erotic novels - Anyone with success here?

    Hi BHW members, Anyone ever published erotic novels on KDP/Kindle? Have you been successful and to what extent? If so please share your stories here. Some numbers will be appreciated too (how much profit you have made over what time). Alex
  3. Panther28

    Hot industry trends for ebook and Kindle publishers video coming up soon

    I published my first book with Draft2digital the other day, so I'm keen to do more in this industry. They discuss the latest trends on youtube soon. It will be worth it to watch as a publisher as they have a unique insider view into what the trends in the industry are since so many authors...
  4. N1ckG2

    ❗️❗️❗️ MEGA SALE ❗️❗️❗️ ▶️ $300+ / DAY with Kindle Books ✅ Even if You Can’t Write! ⛔️ 60% OFF ⛔️

    Make Money with Kindle Books Even if You can't write or don't speak English very well! Original BST: Use Coupon code: KK60OFF BST Price: $247...
  5. N1ckG2

    ▶️ [METHOD + GUIDE] ✅ Make Money ✅ with Kindle Books ⚠️ Even if You Can’t Write ⚠️ [STEP-BY-STEP] ⚡ NO INVESTMENT REQUIRED! ⚡

    ♚ The King Of Kindle ♚ NEW BOOK REVEALS !! THE SECRET TO STARTING A PROFITABLE ONLINE BUSINESS !! MAKE MONEY WITH KINDLE BOOKS EVEN IF YOU CAN'T WRITE! Get the strategy I used to choose a niche, publish books and make money. ⚡ NO INVESTMENT REQUIRED! ⚡ STEP-BY-STEP ♨️ This guide is all...
  6. INCC

    ⚪ High-End Article Writing Service | NATIVE US WRITERS | We Write Your E-books For Flat Fee of 599 $ ⚪

    The Power of Copywriting In today’s hyper-competitive environment, a copy needs to be great, not good. Every time you release new content into the world, you’re competing with a sea of other businesses and brands all clamouring for the attention of an already inundated audience. The solution is...
  7. aminosi

    Journey to 100$ a day , Kindle Direct publishing

    Hi, without any introduction, I'm planning to get 100$ a day by publishing books on Amazon, this is my strategy : Publishing low content books : I've already published some ( notebook, logbook, and coloring book), seems that coloring books sell better than the others: so I've decided to publish...
  8. Stockton

    US Based Kindle Ebook Reviews

    Like the title says, you must have a US Amazon account and be able to post a review for a Kindle ebook. $3 per review payable via BTC or Paypal.
  9. K

    Author Taking a Crack at Marketing

    Hi all. I have been clicking around and reading on BHW for a few months now. Not a big poster. I worked in Finance for 15 years. Never loved it. Over the last 3 years I wrote a really good book and moved from Langley, BC to Winnipeg, MB because of the lower cost of living. I also was good with...
  10. J

    Kindle Ebook to Print

    Hi. I am looking for someone well-versed in taking an ebook on kindle/amazon and turning the book I wrote into a printable copy. I cannot figure out the requirements Amazon Kindle need to change the format from an ebook to a printable version. Thank you for reading this post.
  11. benj_pirate

    Amazon USA, UK, Spain, Latin America Reviews

    Hello all. I'm releasing new kindle and books on amazon and I plan to do so for the next few years to generate my income. I have seen that I needed to get verified reviews to rank and get some organics sales. The book will be priced at 0.99$ and you will have to buy it and then let me a review...
  12. R


    I've been struggling getting the right, high volume, low competition keywords for my book. It is a young adult fantasy novel with dragons. It is rated 5 stars on amazon, and has 87 5 star reviews on audible, but I can't seem to get to the next level with the keywords. What is the best software...
  13. jadezoole

    Authors: How much copies do you sell in one month on Amazon?

    I have a generic question: How much copies do you sell from your books in one month (kindle, paperback etc. combined)? I have currently 4 books (quality, 110-250 pages, pro cover, interesting non-fiction topics) available on Amazon, I spend the last 2 years with learning to market these books...
  14. C

    Looking to buy Verified Amazon Kindle e-book reviews

    I'm looking to buy Verified Amazon Kindle e-book reviews. The books will be available to purchase for free. Paying 5$ per review (not more) Let me know if you're willing to provide the service Thanks
  15. J

    What to Do If You Get Banned by Amazon KDP and They Won’t Let You Back In, No Matter What

    Apologies for the insanely long article, but I think this is important to discuss. If you see anything here that needs correcting, adding, subtracting, etc. you will NOT hurt my feelings. I just want to help. Feel free to give any feedback to anything you see here that needs tweaking. Okay...
  16. 1257880

    what is the bes mehtod to promote my ebook on amazon kindle

    what is the bes mehtod to promote my ebook on amazon kindle
  17. C

    Amazon Kindle Reviews Needed

    Looking to buy Amazon Kindle Verified Reviews (books will be free to buy for you). Paying 5$ per review (not more) Send your contact details if you're willing to provide the service Thanks
  18. zimba

    What is the best Kindle publishing course?

    I am thinking to give Kindle publishing a shot but I need more information as I have not done it before so if anyone can answer the question below it would be great. What is the best most comprehensive Kindle publishing course you heard about or learned from?
  19. A

    Post Verified Reviews, Paying $5 per verified review once approved via PayPal

    I need verified reviews, Paying $5 per verified review via PayPal. it's a kindle ebook and will pay a reward of 5 USD for each review that posted and approved and published as verified review, You do not have to think about what to write as I have the review written already, all you need just...
  20. E

    Will rewriting recipes get my KDP account banned?

    Hi, What is the consensus on rewriting recipes? I know recipes can't be copyrighted, but I've read stories of recipe creators complaining to Kindle and Kindle removing the books in question. If I write a lot of recipe books by getting inspiration from websites (different titles, re-ordered...
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