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Feb 10, 2018
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Years ago, the SEO professional as well as general Seller ownself used so-called SEO methods like Wish List, Gift List, Add to Card SAdCI, etc. to rank up Amazon Product Listing and Boost Sales. Ever since July 2017, things have been changed and all those previous Black Hat techniques don't work after that contemporary algorithm update.

Now, I don't see any other option than Increasing Regular Sales, Getting Positive and Realistic Reviews, Enhancing quality of Listing like accurate and informative listing details, eye catchy photo, Voting up best and helpful reviews, etc for Launching and Ranking up a product on Amazon, eBay and so other platforms like those.

Though getting regular few sales may not help your listing to rank up sometimes as there is huge competitor especially some Chines sellers create huge false sales to ranking keyword immediately. I don’t understand why they do so when that business isn't for a one-time profit?

So, alongside enhancing and updating your listing, getting positive reviews and legit sales are still the dominating part of ranking up on 1st page top positions. Try to get as much as sales you can collect without being suspected, this may change your wheel ROI figure.

So far I'm using those for my products. Please drop your ideas and update techniques that you're using to Rank up nowadays. Any other suggestions would be welcomed.
Thanks in advance.