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  1. Z

    How to Reactivate an account on amazon

    After I submitted my bank statement, electricity bill, and ID card, I was still waiting for a response. Do I still have to upload another document?
  2. L

    Level Three deal plus

    Need someone with level 3 account or higher to post on deal plus Thank you
  3. MicroBit-OMS

    Amazon eBay e-Com Product / Keyword Ranking 2021, General Discussion.

    Years ago, the SEO professional as well as general Seller ownself used so-called SEO methods like Wish List, Gift List, Add to Card SAdCI, etc. to rank up Amazon Product Listing and Boost Sales. Ever since July 2017, things have been changed and all those previous Black Hat techniques don't work...
  4. A

    Looking for free Course to find Good Niches on Amazon

    Looking for free Course and Strategy to find Good Niches and keywords for Merch by Amazon
  5. F

    Need Amazon Reviews

    Hello amazing BHW, It's nice to talk with you again on this beautiful day. I am planning big this time to make some real change in the society and i need your help again as we all did it together on our previous project to build it from the scratch. I will need around 1000 amazon review a month...
  6. EcomKon

    Anyone Know Any Large Supplement LIQUIDATION Sites/Services

    Hey everyone, you're probably looking at this thread extremely confused. I'm looking for any information on online sites where I can bid on supplements that are being auction because the company is going bankrupt. Or any site that I can purchase High quality supplements dirt cheap, like pennies...
  7. seoxz

    Amazon account

    I need someone for a partnership in amazon account i have items and methods for guaranteed sales. The person must be from USA. Kindly inbox me your skype or contact to continue.
  8. Z

    How I rank Amazon Listing on Google?

    Hy, Someone please guide me how I will rank my Amazon listing on Google. Let say My keyword is Magnifying glass. kindly guide me can I buy expired domains and give them a GSA links and then redirect domain to listing it will work or not?
  9. sev1024

    Blueprint to Becoming an Amazon Best Seller

    Hey All, Does anyone have any good BHW stickies on getting a Kindle book 'Best Seller' status? I didn't realize how much of a sham it was until I listened to this Exposure Ninjas podcast on the topic (not sure if putting the link in here will get me in trouble, so just look up episode 134 on...
  10. D

    This 3 Year Old Amazon Affiliate Website Makes $40K/Month Is being sold for $1.3M

    So this website listed on Empire flippers is going for $1.3 M (Yeah USD) which makes $40K/M net profit. I don't know about the legitimacy of this website. It's not clear if the seller decided to sell the website after Amazon slashed the affiliate commission's by 60% or prior to that...
  11. HoZoBoRoLo

    Anyone Doing Amazon Keyword Ranking?

    Hello, I need someone who can rank products on the amazon search page with a specific keyword. PM me with your Skype id
  12. THE MAN1

    Is there any trick to get Amazon best seller badge?

    Hi, I write books for selling Amazon, am wondering if there is any trick to get Amazon best seller badge easily, if you know please help me out.
  13. G

    Need Amazon Reviews

    Hey, looking to get 10 reviews all buyers verified. The amount for product will be refunded with $10 on top for the review. PM me if you are interested.
  14. S

    Amazon Reviews

    Hello, it is anybody who have any kind of Amazon reviews services? If you have any recommendation please let me know. Thanks
  15. Georgialim

    SEO amazon listing

    Hi everyone, I'm amazon seller and I need some one who is English native speaker to help me write SEO amazon listing. If you have experience in this field and you are interested , please comment or message me. THANK YOU
  16. ATuringtest

    Amazon Niche - Rank the keyword then the product ?

    So I found a decent niche nothing spectacular but its a passion of mine keyword gets 1.5k to 3.5k searches a month, products range from $30 - 2k Other than amazon themselves no front page ads some individual products in the sponsored top carousel. So happy with that :) got the most searched...
  17. M

    Can I rank pages on other websites for conversion?

    Apologies if this has been posted before but I really couldn't find this anywhere (including Google) So I have a basic understanding of SEO and ranking. And I get that quality backlinks are key. In this DA and PA (or whatever acronym or term you prefer) are what determine the quality of the...
  18. Adekale


    GIVEAWAY SUPER URLS TO BOOST YOUR AMAZON SALES AND INCREASE RANKING When ranking products on Amazon, the following are super important, Product detail page optimization Organic sales for specific keywords External traffic For the purpose of this giveaway, I won’t dwell much on product...
  19. Adekale

    Guaranteed Amazon Reviews And Product Ranking Services

    Amazon Verified Reviews And Product Ranking Service