new seo techniques

  1. MicroBit-OMS

    Amazon eBay e-Com Product / Keyword Ranking 2021, General Discussion.

    Years ago, the SEO professional as well as general Seller ownself used so-called SEO methods like Wish List, Gift List, Add to Card SAdCI, etc. to rank up Amazon Product Listing and Boost Sales. Ever since July 2017, things have been changed and all those previous Black Hat techniques don't work...
  2. Ghost_Hunter

    Help - SEO SOW for 2018

    Need help regarding 2018 Fresh and New SEO techniques (Ideas) for existing client. Need ideas for Scope of Work. I have listed few new SEO ideas for 2018: Adding FAQ Sections on Product Pages and other Important Pages Optimizing the content for Voice Search Video Creation and Promotion Blog...