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Amazon Connected Accounts

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by gorilla_89, May 31, 2017.

  1. gorilla_89

    gorilla_89 Newbie

    Mar 30, 2017
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    I am new here and have some question regarding getting banned on Amazon Sellercentral.

    I am in the progress of setting up my first own Amazon Selleraccount.
    However in the last 9 month I did some jobs for two companies which got banned from Selling on Amazon in Q1 2017.
    The ban where due to order defect rates, accused copyright infringements and connected accounts between these two companies.
    I only did some administrative work for their Amazon business but since I used my private computer in their Wlan and occasionally logged into there Selleraccounts to create new listings or check metrics I am worrying that Amazon will somehow connect my new seller account to the two suspended accounts.

    I also ordered some stuff from Amazon they needed for the office through my personal buyers account and now the addresses and names of the two companies are in my private order history. Could this anyhow affect my new selleraccount?

    FYI I already set up a new legal entitiy with a freshly set up bank account where I am the director. Its registered at my private address which is also in my buyers account. To get a safe IP I will use a USB mobile internet dongle. I also have a new phone number and email address only for Amazon use. Should I also use a brand new computer?

    Looking forward to your answers!