Alternative : PR analysis, SEOC module - Market Samurai.

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    Apr 11, 2010
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    Hi ! I'm searching a way to scan the weight of the PR (from Pr0 to Pr10) from the webpages competiting for a particular keyword, like in Market Samurai.

    I'm not looking for a way to find the number of backlinks but the number and the weight of the page rank, like :

    For example, we have the Keyword-A, and the competitor-X for this Keyword-A :

    => What are the number of PR0, PR1, PR2, ..., PR10 ?

    As simple as that.. ;)

    1. I already have the same SEOC feature in Keyword Magnet but it doesn't go as deep as MS (no PR Analysis).
    2. As you know, I have the Keyword Tool for free on MS.
    3 => I had the trial of Market Samurai with all the feature and in particular this little (but very important) section, IE the Pr Analysis.

    But I don't want to buy MS just to get lonely feature !

    Do you know something which could help me ?

    Thanks !