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affiliation france scam

Discussion in 'The Shit List' started by sharingane_, Oct 21, 2011.

  1. sharingane_

    sharingane_ Newbie

    Apr 17, 2010
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    hello everybody
    i would like to share my experience with affiliation-france
    it is a canadian compagne .
    they use cpc,cpl,cpa,cmp
    in the beginning they give you 10 euro as a gift
    and they pay people when they reach 100 euro .
    soo i started with them with cpm pack .
    after 22.000 impressions my solde is only 1 euro
    i contacted the support , his name is "julien" . they have only one personne who work in the compagne . he told me that they will review my web site.
    soo i started a new idea , it is the cpl

    for each installation i should earn 0.4 euro

    after one month working with them , i reached 2200 installation , because i post the software in a different forums and mailing , because it is alowed

    but nothing happened , my money stoped at 2 euro
    when i check the statistique , i have found 58.510 click and 2281 installation , and my money are still 2 euro
    i contacted "julien" , and he tell me that he will check the source of the problem .

    finally he said that everything works fine . and he stop answering .

    soo i have contacted some other webmaster who use "affiliation-france" .

    they tell me that they have the some problem , the compagne didnt count the leads , and they keep the monney for them.

    when i contacted the support again , they , they closed my account and stole my 2 euro :) .

    when the other webmasters contacted the support they got banned also.

    and affiliation-france keep the monney for them .

    i contacted the admin again , and i tell him that everybody in blackhatworld and digitalpoint , will know the truth ;
    you know what was his answer ???

    he tell me that they will change the name of the compagne like "cashtraffic --> adcash " .

    their sire at this moment is
    affiliation-france . com