1. Tex59dk

    The introduce of Tex59dk

    Hello everyone ! I'm tex59dk, and I'd like to introduce myself. I was born in 1969 and currently live in Dunkirk, a charming town located in Flanders in the northern part of France. Dunkirk is a place rich in history and culture, and it's known for several notable aspects, including its vibrant...
  2. J

    Is the French market doomed ?

    Hi everyone. I'am interested to discuss here about anyone ever tried to sell website creation services or even social media services to local business, especially in France, that fucking shithole. I'am from France. I have a background in E-com (not drop-shipping) and i know Shopify...
  3. crypt03nthu

    Looking for France residents for receiving products from Amazon

    Dear fellow members, if you are residing in France, I may have a little easy task for you. Task: 1. You order on - You can order your desired product from Amazon using my affiliate link and I will pay my budget to you directly. 2. I order at your address - I order a product at your...
  4. C

    Needed Press Releases in France - Crypto and Financial niche

    As above we are looking for FRENCH publications with good traffic to post our financial crypto press releases.
  5. Le Monde Vu Du Dessus

    Hi everyone! I'm "Le Monde Vu Du Dessus", from France, I have ...

    Hi everyone! I'm "Le Monde Vu Du Dessus", from France, I have not yet a business online but I learn the strategies before embarking on a good deal :) Do you have starting points to advise me? I am very new to the Black Hat world and would love to discover some Growth Hacks very recent in time. :)
  6. GeniusProxy

    ⭐⭐France 4G Proxy ⏩ 150Go ⏩ API rotation ⏩ 40$ Month⭐⭐

    GeniusProxy is a 4g Mobile proxy service who provide you high trust IP pool from France. Price : •$40/month API : •API Rotation : You can change your IP as you wan’t with our API or you can ask us for a custom time rotation.(IP change process take 5 to 10 seconds) Both at the same time is...
  7. rajputt65

    Any suggestions on top paying affiliate programs for france audience?

    Hello All, I' m bit curious to know about the best paying affiliate programs specifically for France audience. My most of the keywords are ranking well in france so I'm looking forward to get best rates as per my visitors count. Although, I'm using Adsense already on the same website but not...
  8. Sognugo

    Do i have to continue ? (Please help)

    Hey guys, I have a website with viral articles and quiz, a french website. I'm getting about 800 pages views per day, using adsense to make money, about 0.20$ per day. The problem is that i'm having very low CPC, about 0.03$ per click ! I really dont understand why i have a low cpc, i tested...
  9. hypeg33k

    Looking for FRENCH smm services

    Hello, I am looking for any Social Media Marketing Services but Targeted for French Customers. Instagram Followers from France French Youtube Views... Thanks Everyone !
  10. igtaya

    French 4G LTE Mobile Proxies - 100% Dedicated Private Devices with Unlimited Bandwidth*

    What’s our offer? 100% Dedicated / Private 4G Mobile Proxies Unique 4G SIM card & device for every user with fresh, clean IP (no sharing!) Unlimited Social Media Data Usage On Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok & Pinterest. Located in FRANCE - Paris High IP trust score & population...
  11. Sognugo

    What's your Adsense CPC ? ( USA and France)

    Hey i hope you guys are fine, Today let's share our Adsense CPC. Me i have a French CPC : 0,05$ and a 0,16$ USA. I know the cpc depend on alot of elements, like niche and others, but i said that's good to know the current adsense avergage CPC for thoses 2 countries.
  12. fmbaba01

    Anyone work with France/Italy/EU B2C Leads?

    As the topic implies, i m looking to know who work with leads from France,Italy or some EU countries on eCommerce/B2C leads.
  13. ZeroSalt

    Looking for GMB reviews

    Hi, I'm looking for around 100 reviews for a French Client, I'll provide the text for the comments. I'll start testing with 10 reviews. Ideally looking for Nondrop Google review French or English Names Reviews must be from dedicated France IP's Aged and Maintained Manually Thanks guys ...
  14. Reyfr


    Hey there, We actually have database of 4Million curriculum vitae of french citizen including : - Name -Phone Number -Email -Previous job Let me know if you have any idea how to monetize
  15. SocialManager

    Notre Dame Cathedral Fire April 15 2019

    Today, the Notre Dame cathedral in France burned to the ground. Historical significance and background: Very interesting discussions taking place on Twitter and other social media websites. This will dominate the news cycle for the next 24...
  16. IlyesPoke

    Which study should I choose?

    Hello, everyone! So I introduce myself, I'm 17 years old, I live in France and I'm in my last year of high school. Later on, I would like to work in online business (create a company,...) But my mother wants me to have a degree first and foremost. So what would you recommend as a study? I am...
  17. achetetonbuzz

    Hiring french seo

    Hello! I am Jake and work with social media services in France, i am currently looking for prices for instagram, facebook and twitter likes, views, followers.. I only need french profiles, is someone here ready to work? Thanks
  18. achetetonbuzz

    Hello my new friend

    Hello! i am Jake from France, i sell social media services trough instagram and my website. I am happy to join your community, my main reason to be here is to find people to work with that can provide french services or anything linked to France in order to start a new work relationship. Kind...
  19. Reyfr

    1M French monetize idea?

    Hey We have actually Facebook page with 450k follower and 1M French active subscribers on the messenger bot ... The topics of the page its joke, funny video, meme ... We monetize the page actually with Blog+adsense but we are sure that we can make great money with this community ... If u...
  20. vla4mir

    Hi everybody

    So I come to introduce myself I have finally entered the forum since time, if not more than 10 years webmaster in the milze of warez specialize for 4 years in the smm so I want to share my knowledge and eventually learn news things by your side to the pleasure of meeting you forgive my english I...
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