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Affiliate Marketing on instagram

Discussion in 'Instagram' started by James Owens, Aug 26, 2016.

  1. James Owens

    James Owens Registered Member

    Jul 11, 2016
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    For the passed couple days I've been looking in to affiliate marketing on Instagram and I recently stumbled across this profile here @menwithstreetstyle. He has 2.2 million followers and if you check his website he is obviously doing affiliate marketing because when you click on his products they redirect you to another site. My question is, how the heck did he get 2.2 million followers and all those engagements while staying completely anonymous?

    Do you guys think I can duplicate this or will it be greatly impossible. To be honest, even if I get half the amount of followers and engagements he has I will be satisfied. Was also looking to purchase an account in this niche that is already doing well in terms of numbers. Maybe buying shoutouts or using a bot like follow liker? What do y'all think?
  2. mjdsocial

    mjdsocial Regular Member

    Jul 29, 2016
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    What do you mean by "while staying completely anonymous"? There are plenty of huge account holders that remain anonymous for various reasons...

    Sure you can duplicate this...but it's going to be a hard, long journey (years unless you have some amazing budget) and you will have a s*** load to learn.

    A bot like follow liker, for most people, will get you roughly 200 followers per day (starting out will be even less but let's just assume for the sake of this post). You say you are happy with half the followers, so that's 1.1million.

    Trust me, this guy isnt using followliker.

    You are going to need a crazy marketing plan, a huge amount of time and a large network of people to have any chance of getting to 1.1 million followers.

    I'm not trying to ruin your dreams, I just think they need readjusting...

    Aim for 1k followers to begin with, then 10k, then 50k then...you get the point.

    Aiming for 1.1million to begin with is just going to make you give up when you realise just how difficult it's going to be.
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