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    Hello everyone

    Yesterday I just finished my first e-book and I would like to publish it on kindle. I speak dutch and in my language, there are only two bloggers who talk about making money with kindle (they don't have that much of succes in comparison to you guys), so therefore I'll ask my questions here.

    They are pretty basic, my questions, but I'm very noob at publishing so please forgive me.

    - What price should i put on my book, it is only 20 pages long, I don't know if I even can call it a book, most of Glen Alsopp articles on Viperchill do count more words than my book :) So i'm thinking, is it best to sell it at $0.99 or should I go with $2.99, so I get 70% commission?

    - How can I get my book on amazon and how can i convert it to a format the kindle can read, because at the moment it is just a Word document.

    - What category should I put my book in (my book fits a lot of them), so i would like to know in which category I would put it best, so my book gets the most exposure as possible.

    - I understand that I can give my book away for free the first 5 days, how can I make sure my book gets downloaded as much as possible

    - How can I raise the amount of positive reviews I get (I understand that the number of positive reviews, is a huge factor wheter or not the book will sell).

    - Do you have any more tips for me, so my kindle adventure can become succesfull?

    So I would like to thank you in advance for reading through my questions and I hope you can take some time to answer them.

    P.S. As I said i'm not a native English speaker, so please forgive me my grammer and spelling mistakes :)
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