Ads i fb not start spending

There are many reasons for not spending, maybe your payment method, your account has been held
You can add a new card and create 1 new ad to push it spend
zero-spend campaign, please check
- payment portion (can be withheld)
- Are there any restrictions on the campaign page being used?
- Are the pixels placed correctly?
- Is VIA restricted?
Here are some reasons why your campaign isn't spending
-The advertising account is holding money
- Check payment method
- Check the fan page (possibly because the fan page is hidden and dead)
My solution
-You can turn off the campaign, wait 1-2 minutes, then turn it back on and the campaign spends normally
- Please change to another page.
Good luck!
There are many reasons for not spending
- account hold needs to be fixed by creating a new campaign or adding another credit card
- Restricted fan pages or profiles need to be checked carefully
It has many factors, check the page, payment method, account balance, all your campaign settings,...
You can check if the campaign is bidding, if the payment method is working or change to a new payment method (a card that has never been used to pay before) if it doesn't work, try contacting us. Contact FB's support team so they can check and give you the solution that best suits your account
just set up all in new bm unlimited unverified, add payment all good ste up ads, all approved spend dont go just 0$ spend*(
waiting 1 day.... maybe problem with payment method?
You can review the payment method, or if the site has any restrictions
If your ads on Facebook are not starting to spend, there could be several reasons for this.

Budget and Bid Settings:

Daily Budget: Check if your daily budget is sufficient. If it's too low, your ads may not spend effectively.
Bid Amount: Ensure your bid amount is competitive enough to participate in auctions.
Ad Schedule and Delivery Type:

Ad Scheduling: Review your ad schedule to ensure your ads are set to run when your audience is active.
Delivery Type: Check if your delivery type (standard or accelerated) is appropriate for your goals.
Audience Targeting:

Audience Size: If your audience is too narrow, consider broadening it to increase reach.
Targeting Restrictions: Verify if any targeting restrictions are preventing your ads from serving.
Ad Quality and Policy Compliance:

Ad Content: Ensure your ad content complies with Facebook's advertising policies.
Image and Text: Check if your ad images and text meet Facebook's guidelines.
Billing and Account Issues:

Payment Method: Confirm that your payment method is valid and up-to-date.
Billing Threshold: If you're using manual payments, make sure you have sufficient funds in your account.
Campaign Status and Review:

Campaign Status: Check if your campaign, ad set, or ad status is active. If they're paused or pending review, they won't spend.
Pixel and Tracking Issues:

Conversion Tracking: Ensure your Facebook pixel is correctly installed and tracking conversions.
You can check:
- Has the page you advertised been published yet?
- Are payment methods paused?
- change to new payment method
- Check your Business information to see if you have filled it in completely
just set up all in new bm unlimited unverified, add payment all good ste up ads, all approved spend dont go just 0$ spend*(
waiting 1 day.... maybe problem with payment method?
You take a look at your mainboard, it will show an error somewhere. For example: your payment method, your pages, your ad account as well
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