Access site with only one user agent ?


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Nov 23, 2012
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Hi fellas
I want to block my website for all user agents except for mine. Ok more details:
I have ubot and I am making a bot that visits my website so people can read stuff.
I want the site to be accessible only with the bot so when you go to the site without the bot site says something like "please download xxx software to access the site".
Ive managed to write a php script to show content only when user agent is xxx
and compiled a bot where in the beginning i have a "change user agent" command that changes user agent to xxx. So it worked very nice
the plan is to use wordpress because content managing is easier and there will be sh**load of content, SO
searched all over bhw, but cant realy find a solution/plugin
if anyone knows if there is such a plugin/method or anything to help me out i will be very thankful

P.S Can i inject this script (simple 7 line if comparsion) into wordpress???
P.S.S sorry if there are language mistakes, cant really speak english
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