About trafic pinterest ??


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Mar 15, 2017
it's been 45 day of work in pinterest
i got 17.8k Monthly viewers
in niches of fitness workout healthy
i use pinterest to send trafic to myblogger
but i have just 20 views - 80 views each day with 2-5 click
means 0.5-1$ in day
i create a 5 sub-account to repin from main account but still same things
what wrong in your opinions ??
i copy article from Popular feed in pinterest to got hots pins but nothings change
any advices ? guide ?
Well these are not impressive statistics. Try posting more pins and check some of the threads here for the pinterest.
It's not easy to get traffic from Pinterest like it used to be. I don't think mass spamming works anymore so keep doing what you are doing. Develop accounts without spam. Try to post quality pins rather than using what they have already. If it's popular then most people has seen those already.
There was just a spoonfeeding thread about Pinterest postes here few days ago, maybe it was in Pinterest section - check that one out.
You Need To Work More !

Keep Posting Pins On Your Board, Invite Peoples, Join Big Boards.
*update , There is a way to know specified HOT pins (trading ) in pinterest
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