A way to get around Facebook RoadBlocks


Mar 26, 2011
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Note: Im not sure if this is useful for you lol but just sharing a bug/leak or whatever u wanna call it :rolleyes:

and also not sure if some1 has posted this before
Last week my friend sent me his facebook account, hes from germany and i live in canada so when i logged in, it roadblocked and asked me to verify that i was him by identifying some of his friends. i couldn't get around it then i logged in his account using my iPhone and it let me in without any problems.


Things you will need :

iphone/ipod with official facebook APP installed on it ....havent tested this on any other phones


okay its really simple when it asks you to identify a person in photo, it gives u 6 choices all you have to do is, using your ipod goto every1 single person's profile listed there and identify who they.

by doing that for 5-6 pics it lets you in without any problem :D

Let me know if this worked/didnt work for u.

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