A suggestion for a sticky thread!

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    Aug 18, 2011
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    Hi fellow members!

    I know a lot of people have a hard time searching the forum. It could be for any reason really. But I suggest we start a thread for those users.

    A "Help me find a thread".

    The positive things I see from a thread like this would be that fellow members can help others find threads they are looking. It could be on topics that might be a few pages back that you have read but the member missed or didn't know what the title was.

    I see the following scenarios in a thread like this.

    User: Where can I find out more about on-site SEO tips and tricks?
    User2: This thread, this thread, this thread and search the forum using these search terms to find more, "keyword", "keyword2" and "keyword3".

    User: I remember reading a thread where x and y argued about the seo-tool z, this thread was so epic, anyone know where I can find it again?
    User2: Here! link: url.

    It could also be as simple as you remember you read a thread a while back that was hilarious or memorable but you can't remember what title it had. Then this thread is perfect for you, allows you to describe the thread and another that remembers it links it to you.

    Anyone else seeing advantages of a thread like this?