-950 Penalty: Does Google Parse External Javascript Files?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by ToneDog, Dec 16, 2011.

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    I have a website that aggregates ratings on supplements. My site received an -950 penalty under my old domain which I believe was due to being a thin affiliate with some aggressive link building. The penalty lasted for several months even after adding plenty of original content so transferred the site to a new domain and used a 301 redirect hoping that the penalty wouldn't transfer.

    To my surprise, it worked. I got rid of the -950 penalty by getting a new domain and using a 301 redirect. After a month went by I decided to add scraped Amazon reviews into my pages. I avoided duplicate content issues by only allowing users to see the reviews when they click a tab which then shows the review content form an external Javascript file. I was told using an external Javascript file will prevent Google from seeing any of that content.

    A month after implementing this, I got hit with the -950 penalty again. Is this because of the Javascript code or do you think it's because Google took 3 months to transfer the -950 penalty from the 301 redirect? Perhaps Panda checks for external Javascript?

    Does anyone know of any effective ways to hide content from Google?

    Here's the site: bit.ly/bbrpowder. The Javascript is executed when clicking the Read Reviews tab.