1. archanjo784

    Cross domain localstorage

    Hi!! I have two domains and I need to share web data between then on frontend. I was using a localstorage for that, but after Chrome 115 update I lost this feature, someone has it solved? I have searched, but I cannot find anything that help me. Thanks!!
  2. L

    This is Leye Ayanlola here!

    I have always wanted to be a part of this platform am finally here Although I noticed that the rules here are so so much ....I pray I don't violate any of the rule here, WHY AM I HERE? Am here to network, make friends and definitely make money SKILLS? Well am a Frontend...
  3. T

    Help me, please decrypt the code

    i want to decrypt js code.. can someone help me?
  4. marcus7777

    JavaScript Codes to Export Data from Websites using Browser Console

    Hello friends :) Lately I've been creating a series of Javascript codes that allow us to perform operations that otherwise are usually tedious or require the installation of third-party tools. With these codes, simply using your browser's console, you should be able to export data as seen in...
  5. SLikhon

    Hello professionals all over the world! (I'm a professional frontend developer with 2years+ industry experience)

    Currently I'm working as a vuejs developer role in my organization. Hope I'll make best use of this forum. And build up a strong community.
  6. br1go

    WordPress Coder Needed for Really Difficult Tasks [JS/PHP]

    Experienced coder needed. For example, I need to solve issues with WP + ThreeJS in terms of pagespeed metrics (GPSI, GTMetrix). The tasks are DIFFICULT, challenging and non-trivial. Deep knowledge and experience in JS/PHP is appreciated. No skype. Please PM me.
  7. noellarkin

    How do I code this in Wordpress?

    Here's how the UI flow is supposed to work: It initially shows three buttons and a list of benefits, randomly arranged in masonry layout. When someone clicks a specific button, it brings the corresponding specific benefits to the top of the layout and highlights them. I've used Custom Views +...
  8. snowmanstudio

    How Can I stream movie .m3u3 video in my Laravel Website

    Is there any JS library or 3rd Party m3u8 player?
  9. Digital Finger

    [GUIDE] Handling multiple Puppeteer/Playwright instances (Node.js)

    Following my last guide, I received numerous inquiries about controlling and automating multiple instances concurrently. This guide will mostly comprise of code, but the overall sentiment and structure can be applied to any language. The provided code is written in TypeScript, which offers...
  10. D

    A Better Way To Redirect Traffic That Javascript Redirects AKA Sneaky Redirects

    Hey guys, I've been using a product called Sneaky Redirects that produces javascript code to send the google bot to my site and visitors get redirected to my affiliate/cpa offers. This has been working well over the past year but the sites always get deindexed after some time. So I'm doing...
  11. S

    Uploading Multiple Videos On Monetized Youtube Channel Using Javascript

    **** You must Have a Monetized YouTube To Make This Script.********** I don't have to write everything again, Just check this thread and let me know whether you can accomplish this task -
  12. Digital Finger

    [GUIDE] Unleash the Power of Stealth Fingerprinting Automation with Puppeteer/Playwright (Node.js)

    Stop fucking around with puppeteer-extra-stealth etc, it's useless. Automating browser actions can be tricky when you're trying to avoid detection. Fortunately, there's a tool called FingerprintSwitcher that can help you mimic real user behavior by using real fingerprints. This quick guide...
  13. F

    Js deobfuscation of chrome externsion

    Good morning, I'm currently looking to hire someone to deobfuscate a chrome extension. Thank you
  14. E pluribus unum

    Disable javascript when going back

    Hello, I'm using a Chrome extension. is it possible to disable this script when I go back in the application or browser? clickme = document.querySelector('[title="Stampa etichette"]'); if (clickme) {}; I tried in vain this feature, however deprecated: if...
  15. S

    JS / HTML Freelancer Needed

    We are running direct email marketing campaigns, and to check who is viewing the page, we are wanting a form on our website to auto-submit. This form will always be pre-filled with URL parameters, but we require assistance with creating the HTML / Javascript to hide the form & have it...
  16. A

    Can this encryption be cracked?

    I have no idea what type of encryption is used. Can this type of encryption be cracked? var _0x170e = [ "result", "addClass", ".urunler", "reset", "click", "toFixed", "preventDefault", "innerHTML", "cart_controller/remove", "ajax_controller/adres_sec"...
  17. M

    Looking for a developer that can track shopify sales for any store

    Hey BHW I'm looking for a developer that can create chrome extensions, and track realtime sales of any shopify store.
  18. akaseo

    [Guide] To choose programming language based upon your interest

    Please note - The languages I recommend below are used every day to build large-scale projects and have a big community that supports them in that particular section. IOS App Development - Swift - Easily make native apps for apple devices. You can make big apps with a lot of features and very...
  19. wpsokw

    [HELP] How can I simply solve this captcha with JavaScript?

    Hi all, I use browser automation studio to automate bulk account creations for a site. BAS offers 2captcha API built in, and it's great, but I feel like this is captcha is so simple to solve, that I'd like to code it and solve it for free essentially. The captcha is a simple mathematical...
  20. Toz

    This Update is Long Overdue, My Dudes.

    For crying out loud, we have a freakin' Visual Basic 6 sub-forum. Bruh. No way in hell should Python fall under "Other Languages". Like, come on... Let's 2022 the programming section. Javascript is well-deserved, but it feels a bit slanted. No way is there like 12x more interest in...
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