7 Steps To Convert Visitors To Buyers

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    I am giving some tips from my experience on the above topic that helps convert visitors to buyers in no time if you employ some simple steps

    Many people have lots and lots of visitors coming to their site but unfortunately, they do not get converted to potential buyers.

    Almost all the time people tell me that they have lots of visitors to their site but cannot get any conversions or even leads from their site.
    You might be employing SEO tactics to bring the visitors to your site or whatever may be the tricks but it is good that you are getting visitors to your site. It is like bringing the horse to river for drinking water but are not drinking water.
    For them to drink water, YOU need to make them THIRSTY!

    1. Be Damn Specific:

    Those days where we use to market to mass people are gone, and if you are doing so from your website then you need to change your niche or narrow it down further to the narrowest you can.
    People are getting smarter and smarter by day and they want to look for something specific. If they see your site selling or providing information for lot of stuff of the broader niche, then they tend to think about it for sure. Will I get what I really want from this site? They will have to search more deeper sometimes on your site to get their stuff on your site. Nowadays, people do not want that. ?They come to your site looking for something specific and not to search on your site.?

    2. Speak Their Language:

    ?You say what they want to hear.?
    They are looking for something specific, once they see it on your site, still they want to read further more about it to ensure what they are looking for, is what they have found. In here, some LSI keywords stuff can get in to your content.
    Make them know that here is what you were looking for.
    Give him to know what is in it for them.

    3. Make it all about them.

    Probably most of the websites are not made considering their visitor benefits but just to make conversions and hence the conversions are not taking place.
    They (visitors) want to know what is in it for me. Do not make website for you. You make website for them. Almost all the website says ?About us?. Has any website told ?For You?. In your website menu, instead of ?About us?, you change it to ?For you?, and then see the conversions taking place.
    Think! Your website menu and restaurant Menu. Is there any difference. I do not feel so. Restaurant Menu does not say or portray, ?about us‟ but it more or less portray ?for you‟ and hence they sell.

    4. Be Their Leader:

    Consider yourself as a waiter in a restaurant helping the customer to choose what to eat! Can you do so. If yes, then you can sell on your website.
    There is no ego here. You are helping the customers, the value is there on your website and hence people are coming to your site but are not buying, because the helping hand is absent in the form of ?Call to Action‟. Or even if it is there, it is not getting into their (visitor‟s) mind. Ask yourself, WHY?
    The reason is simple. People do not buy what you do, but they buy why you do it. Give this sentence a shot and think!

    5. Brain Dump:
    If your goal is to generate leads or convert your visitors to buyers, then you need to ?brain wash‟ their thinking. Ensure that they are in the same boat, where you are. Let them feel what you feel. Speak to them as if they are
    you and you are them. They should feel you want to save their money, save their time, increase their sales. Speak to them in a way that moves them ? EMOTIONALLY!

    6. Catch them if you can:

    Once you see they are having same feelings, catch them. Get them before they are out of their mind.

    7. Call To Action:

    My mother always told me: If you do not ask, you do not get. Simple as that. So please do not be prideful and expect things to happen itself. It will never happen. You have to give a Call to Action.
    Moving the people emotionally is not an easy task but if you practice copy writing, you can learn lot of such tasks and be and expert to generate leads.
    For now, think, research, practice and put it out there. The more you do, the better you will get and more horses to drink.

    ?When all is said and done, lot more is said than done?
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