7 Months and 8th Reconsideration Request - Google is Getting Over the Top Anal

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by -Jericho-, Feb 6, 2014.

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    I just submitted my 8th reconsideration request on one of my sites. I've been able to go from a site wide penalty to a partial penalty during that time.

    At this point though, Google is just being ridiculous. Some of the example links they're coming back with aren't even links I ever built or paid for.

    For Example:

    - One was from some obscure directory out of Hong Kong.
    - Another was from some Chinese site (all in Chinese) that didn't even have my link on it.
    - And another was from a wikipedia scraper site that scraped my link off of Wikipedia.

    I'm looking at these links and going SERIOUSLY?!?! WTF Google? Now it's my job to track down every scraped link of mine that someone posted to some crappy scraper site? Really?!?!

    For those of you who say just start over, I already did but I'm still trying to rescue this site since it was a nice little earner.

    The last set of example links I got at least weren't as ridiculous as some previous ones. This batch was from links I ordered over 2 years ago.

    The links that are still penalizing me are from:

    - Social bookmarking sites
    - Tumblr posts (unique content)
    - Formerly high PR domain with high quality unique content (must have gotten spammed with links and is now passing on the penalty)

    So there you have it. It seems once you get caught by Google you're pretty much screwed unless you disavow and delete everything.

    I've disavowed a little over 2 times the amount of links showing in WMT (1000+ URLs and domains) and deleted another 200 links that I could get people to delete or do myself.

    The problem is, Google keeps coming back with obscure links that I have to find reports on old computers.

    Bottom line, try not to get penalized or just churn and burn sites.
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    Or continuously build authority.
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    link building is a risky business nowadays...i had a manual penalty too and i got it lifted after the second reconsideration request...go into great detail about how you went through all the links and everything you did and if all else fails, disavow everything, but even if you do that, doesn't mean anything is going to come back...