Sep 25, 2012
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Review Copies Available For Quality Testing

✔ Some Important FAQ:

1. Do we need to make payment before starting the optimization?
A. Yes, 100% upfront payment is required.

2. What kind of report will we get and in how many days?
A. You will deliver the complete report in before and after optimization.

3. How can we order?
A. Select Your Desire package and click on the "I want This" button to Order Form.

✔ Refund Policy :

We have full confidence in our website speed optimization solutions. As such, we can assure that this is the way to improve your website drastically. However, in the unlikely event that we do not boost the speed of your website, we assure you of a full refund of your money in 30 days.

✔ What we require from you :
  • URL of the Site to be Optimization
  • Wp-admin Access
  • Cpanel Access

Please Comment Here For Coupon Code to Grab Review Copy
5 Review Copy Available (Basic)

✔ For an instant communication please contact us:

Skype: theseoadviser
Email: [email protected]

Note : Resellers Are Also Welcome Contact Us
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For the review, I provided @nazmulfeni4 access to a really slow, unoptimised, and dare I say ugly website. Here's how the review went.

Service Highlights
  • The site I had the seller worked on, as I stated before, was incredibly slow. On a good day, it would load in about 4 seconds, but it usually took a lot longer than that. After the seller was done with the site, I didn't need a speed test tool to see that the site was noticeably faster. Even though the seller sent me before and after screenshots, I checked the site out with the same tools myself, so I'm able to confirm that the homepage was loading in 650 ms.
  • The report I received contained several before and after screenshots showing the speed of the site (including a couple of the inner pages) from different locations using a few different popular tools. There was also a text file with the login credentials I sent the seller.
  • Since I had Cloudflare set up on that site, the seller needed access to my Cloudflare account as well. However, as I was unwilling to let them access it, they were willing to compromise by having me add the page rules and purge the cache.
  • I found the seller to be laconic, but easy to work with.
What Could Use Improvement
  • I felt the report would've been better had it vaguely gone over what changes were made to the site (from the items listed in the sales graphic), but other than that, I didn't have any other issues.
Additional Information
  • This is one of those services where you'll need to provide the seller access to your site's dashboard, web host, and Cloudflare account (if you're using Cloudflare).
  • What I did after the seller was finished optimising the site's speed was change the login info for my dashboard and host.

Thread Edit Log
For buyers: The quality of the product or service that I receive is what you should expect, or better. If you feel that the quality of the service has dropped significantly, please let us know via the report button.
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I'll pass, not into WP really but good luck with this! :)
Before and After Report which i optimize for approving this thread .. I optimize Homepage and 2 inner page:


Note: Sometimes Google page speed show "Server Response Error" Cause this is free server. If you want to see google 100/100 Page speed you need to upgrade your server. This is not my part of optimization. This is server problem. Otherwise, everything is fine.. Check This result before and after report.
Count me in please
Edit: sorry I was replying on non reloaded browser tab, I thought I am the fifth one to get a review copy. Sorry.
Count me in, I have a website which I tried many ways to increase speed and fix on-site issues. and always failed. Even used upwork but no such qualify person I was able to find. If review copy available, love to give it a try. Pm if review copy vavailable
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