wordpress speed optimization

  1. nazmulfeni4

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  2. Shree

    [ebook + 49 videos] Crazy Fast WordPress Sites!

    Hi Folks, I have this short PDF guide on gumroad that details how you can massively boost the speed of your WordPress websites ... The process takes only 15 to 20 minutes You do not have to spend a dime You do not need to use paid plugins You'll be able to achieve TTFBs of less than 0.25s...
  3. SpeedMetrix

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  4. aruntheboss007

    PageSpeed Optimization- Took it as a Challenge :)

    Hi Everyone, I woke up today with only one intention - took speed up my website. Looked all over the internet, made a few purchases and installed a few plugins, customized the theme, optimized the pages and BOOOOOM, here are the results at the end of the day. Here is the screenshot from...
  5. Goodi OG

    What More To Do To Improve Load Time

    I spent 3 days optimizing my site speed from 7s to around 2.6-3.5s. I need the site speed to be less than 1.5 seconds and am having a hard time achieving that
  6. Giant Marketers

    ✅ Guaranteed ✅ ★★ Wordpress Speed Optimization To Rank Higher In Google ★★ Free Copy

    ✔ Some Important FAQ: 1. Do we need to make payment before starting the optimization? A. Yes, 100% upfront payment is required. 2. What kind of report will we get and in how many days? A. You will deliver the complete report in before and after optimization and TAT maximum 30 days 3. How can...