4th posting on Chaturbate View Bot,....I can’t pm here so please pm

Alexis Long

Feb 27, 2020
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I am desperate now. I need a simple easy Chaturbate view bot that will give me minimum of 1000 views that stays during my stream, I prefer 2000 but it depends on what you can do for my budget. I do not want to be detected by Chaturbate at all. Simple I mean by just my model name in a box & a box for how many views I want during my stream & then I click run. Please include proxies or guide me once I get the bot. I am sadly not doing as well lately online.
please message me here, as I am unable to pm anyone who comments on this thread.
I will pay first half, then the rest after I test the full functioning view bot on my end. I will pay after my stream, I promise that. Just know my budget isn’t much. what I can do is after I get it and it works for me I can send other models to you.