2 Automatic Video Aggregators (Case Study and Journey)

Rick Ferraz

Dec 8, 2016
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About me:

27, from Brazil, DJ, studied Physical Education (which is f*cking useless right now)
Plans: Move away from Brazil ASAP... Buy a house, build a studio, create a youtube channel, play games for money :p

My main goal:
Start a HUGE Journey (10-100 sites) in the future (more details soon)

First of all i had a little success in 2015 when i didn't know how to rank, i was working as a DJ, ranked my personal website to promote my business, had an idea to monetize my content (mostly music and videos), got 165$ bucks using adsense... (don't ask me how i did it)... After 3 months my website went down cause my hosting plan (with hostgator) wasn't enough to handle 10k uniques, well that was the start of an unsuccessful journey... bought other domains and moved to inmotion hosting, tried to promote amazon affiliates and videos using twitter, made 140$ more with adsense and deleted my websites after my server went down (AGAIN), then THANK GOKU i've found Vultr and i'm really happy using their services cause i can use multiple instances... Now i'm willing to attempt something different and unique...

Well, let's start:

My idea is to rank 2 different domains which basically do the same thing (but in different ways)

I'm going to name them flax and flox (to "compare" them).

Nginx + Wordpress + Plugins (KW Research)
Apache + Wordpress + Plugins (Scraping)

What i've done so far:

- Bought those domains (which are related to videos)
- Did a little research using KW Planner and a plugin...
- Configured Noindex for Google (At least for now)

What's coming next:

- Define same theme, same plugins, same config.
- Try to start both at the same time to see which one perfoms better.

My goals with this Journey:

- Test my skills
- Start a HUGE Journey with 10-100 aggregators in multiple niches.

I didn't see anyone talking about it, don't know if it is effective, i'm going to try this one first, then move to the Master Journey which is going to be time consuming (AND FREAKING PROFITABLE :p)

Wish me luck (or kill me).

My Stats with Adsense (Sorry, i don't know how to set this app to English):


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Jan 18, 2015
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other than adsense do any other monitisation on site