video aggregator

  1. F

    [BETA TESTERS] Adult Video Upload Software

    Hi, we are preparing a new version of Tube Sites Submitter and looking for a few beta testers. We have more than 220 adult tube sites in the database that we need to test. The test will be simple, just upload your videos to all adult tube sites, register profiles to adult tube sites and send...
  2. maxa

    Currency generators

    Hi, im about making video content to gain some traffic for my lps, and it would be really helpful for me if you could tell me what are the ways to make game currencies or for example number of followers on Instagram increasing while im on app, i need my video to look real, its like some kind of...
  3. Rick Ferraz

    2 Automatic Video Aggregators (Case Study and Journey)

    About me: 27, from Brazil, DJ, studied Physical Education (which is f*cking useless right now) Plans: Move away from Brazil ASAP... Buy a house, build a studio, create a youtube channel, play games for money :P My main goal: Start a HUGE Journey (10-100 sites) in the future (more details soon)...