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100 Ways To Increase Blog Traffic

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by alvinhy, Sep 13, 2014.

  1. alvinhy

    alvinhy Newbie

    Jul 1, 2014
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    Basically, I was seeing a rise in questions about traffic and how to bring traffic to your website.
    I have decided to compile a list of 100 ways to increase your blog traffic and sorting it out into different categories.
    Hopefully you will find it useful.

    General Traffic Generation
    1. Comment on Other blogs
    2. Comment on forums in your niche market
    3. Print out business cards and hand them out
    4. Link your blog in your email signature
    5. Link your blog in your forum signature
    6. Submit your blog to Google
    7. Submit your blog to Yahoo!
    8. Build your links through relationships with other bloggers
    9. Build authority on your niche market
    10. Submit to website directories
    11. Create iPhone App for your website
    12. Do something that has never been done
    13. Create joint ventures with other bloggers

    Paid Traffic Generation
    14. Target Facebook users for your ads with Social Lead Freak
    15. Advertise on Twitter with promoted accounts
    16. Use Solo Ads
    17. Use affiliates to sell your products
    18. Advertise on Google Adwords
    19. Advertise your blog on radio stations
    20. Advertise using stumbleupon ads
    21. Advertise your blog on Craiglist
    22. Use banner ads on advertising platforms
    23. Ad Swap with bloggers in your niche

    Social Media
    24. Build a list of Twitter Followers
    25. Increase your Facebook Likes
    26.Increase your Google+ Followers
    27. Include social media sharing button on every article
    28. Automatically share your content to social media
    29. Make use of pinterest
    30. Use Buzzbundle to find where your target audience are discussing at
    31. Share other top quality content on social media with Klout and Buffer
    32. Publish articles on Sumbleupon
    33. Submit your best posts to Digg
    34. Post valuable articles on Reddit
    35. Engage to all your social media followers
    36. Create Slideshare presentations of your articles
    37. Create Youtube Video tutorials
    38. Join Facebook groups and participate
    39. Join LinkedIn groups and participate
    40. Answer questions on Q&A Sites
    41. Follow the top bloggers in your niche

    Content Marketing
    42. Write well and write often
    43. Use catchy headlines
    44. Your post has to be valuable
    45. Write to solve your target audience?s problems
    46. Include images in your articles
    47. Allow your images to be pin able to Pinterest
    48. Include subheadings for better readability
    49. Use lists and bullet points
    50. Interview influential people in your target niche
    51. Guest blog on better blogs than yourself
    52. Create case studies on different fields
    53. If possible, include income reports
    54. Make use of infographics to increase value of your article
    55. Writer product reviews
    56. Expand on your current articles
    57. Write content that is worth sharing and bookmarking
    58. Write tutorials
    59. Proof read your blog posts
    60. Try to use guest posters on your blog
    61. Write an ultimate guide to something in your niche

    Search Engine Optimisation
    62. Write unique meta descriptions
    63. Make use of long tail keywords
    64. Optimise your website?s XML site map
    65. Optimise your Robots.txt file
    66. Find perfect keywords for SEO
    67. Use multiple keywords
    68. Use post title permalinks
    69. Make use of internal link building
    70. Tweak the Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin with best settings
    71. Improve Site Speed with W3 Total Cache
    72. Use low competition keywords with high search rates
    73. Include Alt tags and captions for your images
    74. Make use of trackbacks
    75. Include post tags

    Blog Design
    76. Use consistent brand colours
    77. Brand your social media with the same colours
    78. Use a responsive website design
    79. Make sure it works on mobile and tablets
    80. Keep the website simple
    81. Include sufficient navigation
    82. Use SEO Optimised themes
    83. Hire a professional to do your branding
    84. List your most popular posts
    85. Provide links to your blog archives

    Email marketing
    86. Create an opt-in form to build your email list with Aweber
    87. Engage with your subscribers to create a good relationship
    88. Offer an incentive such as an eBook or free product to attract leads
    89. Create an auto responder with Aweber
    90. Send a link to your subscribers whenever you create a new blog post
    91. Reply to every email you receive
    92. Use the AIDA model in email marketing
    93. Create a landing page to attract leads with LeadPages
    94. Use an opt-in form in your 404 page
    95. Host a webinar full of great content
    96. Create opt-in forms in Slideshare with upgraded account

    Site Conversion Optimisation
    97. Increase conversion rates
    98. Decrease your website bounce rate
    99. Test your website for better page views
    100. A/B Test your landing pages
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  2. myinternetempire

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    Oct 24, 2011
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    Thanks a lot for sharing such an informative post. I think content marketing and social media are the most effective than others.
  3. picas

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    Apr 9, 2011
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    Sorry but I did super porn so can I use above 100 ways
  4. unrealz

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    Sep 10, 2014
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    Come on. porn site not white isn't it?
  5. clevelandslim

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    Nov 15, 2008
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    Really excellent post. Thanks to share a useful post with us. I like social media and seo techniques. This 2 methods are very helpful to increase my site.