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    How do I find good smaller hashtags?

    For normal posts though?
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    How do I find good smaller hashtags?

    Thanks I'll have a look!
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    How do I find good smaller hashtags?

    Thank you, which metrics do you look at?
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    How do I find good smaller hashtags?

    I post in the fitness niche, and all of the hashtags that I can think of have millions of posts. The only way I can find smaller hashtags is by adding extra words, or adding letters, e.g instead of #squats > #squatworkout Is this a viable method for posting hashtags? Because I can't imagine...
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    Best places to get legit looking likes?

    If there are posts which I want to boost the likes on to make the account look more engaged with overall, what are the best services available? Ones that won't get me banned/the likes removed.
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    New IG update - Follower apps blocked?

    I was using an app to see who doesn't follow you back etc to make it easier to manually follow/unfollow. After the update though, IG signed me out and said that they know I have been using 3rd party apps and my actions may be blocked if I keep using them. Anyone else get this, and is there a...
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    Where to find accounts to follow manually?

    What do you use to scrape these profiles? Thanks
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    Where to find accounts to follow manually?

    I had no idea you could do this, this will help a lot!
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    Where to find accounts to follow manually?

    I have been manually Follow/Unfollowing for a while at a slow pace. I normally just follow people who posted recently in relevant hashtags. I think that to get better engagement (comments) on my posts, it's better to follow people who commented on recent posts of similar accounts to mine...
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    Buying likes for posts that don't do as well, bad idea?

    Does buying likes allow the post to reach higher in the top posts for hashtags/explore page, or does IG know that the likes are fake?
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    Engagement isn't the best - Start a new account or can I improve it?

    I have a fitness account where I currently post my own lifts and training etc. My account is a 'personal' account, would it be better if I set it to business, or creator? I have 850 followers, and get around 120-180 likes per post, but this is artificially inflated because of likes that I get...
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    Removing ghost followers - beneficial to engagement?

    I don't understand why that wouldn't be good, in terms of having a better engagement percentage?
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    Removing ghost followers - beneficial to engagement?

    IG gives the option to remove followers now. Does anyone think that this will be good for engagement, or will IG cut down the amount of your followers who see your posts to the same percentage? Also, does removing a follower count as an 'action' the same as follow/unfollow does? Thanks
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    Manual Following - Does following a private account then cancelling the request count as an action to IG?

    For example, I am on a big IG page, following their recent followers. I don't want to follow private accounts because it is less likely for them to follow back. If I cancel the request, does this still go toward the 6000 per month action limit? I suppose the alternative is to individually visit...