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    How do you give seo off page reports to clients?

    Well, nowadays, I work for a marketing company, and it's very confused. I was used to doing the SEO and showing in the end with graphics and simple pdf's the increase I got. These guys pay well, and they're picky... I love it, it is like a challenge to me. The problem here is: they ask for...
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    Backlinks: Homepage or Articles/Products?

    As the title says, what do you prefer? Get links to homepage or to articles/products? Depending on what you vote for, justify your answer.
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    My One question related to Adsense

    Can you show a printscreen?
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    ⚡⚡ Ultra Powerful PBN ⚡⚡ HomePage Links ❤️❤️Premium Domains ❤️❤️ DA upto 70 ❇️ starting @ 1$

    My review: I make my first order to test the service. I bought 10 links and I receive 12, that was super nice from OP. As promise, all links have +20DA. The posts have 1 image with +400 words of spun text (copyscape safe). All PBN's have SSL, but most don't have much work - they have sample...
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    Ahrefs Report for FREE (Giveaway)

    Well, I paid for 7 day trial ahrefs, but I already finished my research. So, now I am giving away ahref reports... Post on this thread and PM me with what you want (backlink report, keyword) etc. I will send the report when I am available. Regards
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    TikTok paying 80$ per new user in Portugal

    I'm not sure, but I guess it's still available.
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    Do you remember "ORKUT" ?

    Yep! It was very popular on Brazil. Hi5 and Orkut... Good times!
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    [VENOM SEO] - Offering amazing GOLD Package Links - absolutely FREE

    I'm interested in your links... Waiting for a reply! Thanks ;)
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    Find and tell me the SEO faults

    Are you sure that 1200 links are good?