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    Post archive and excerpts confusion??? I am lost

    I think the title describes my problem but it may not. I apologize if it is incorrect. Here is what I have and what I would like to accomplish. My blog is set to show 1 post per page. So the last post I have made is always on my index page and that is it. No other posts show. I don't like...
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    WTF! A guy is ruining my business!

    In situations like this I like to ask Don Corleone what I should do? And then act accordingly. Of course I am Luca Brasi so I always do what the Godfather says. ................................................... Now for a serious answer. How do you know he is only targetting your clients...
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    Show Title on Single Page - theme option

    I have the show title on single page turned on. I find that if I turn it off the webpage looks better. (I use single post pages) If I turn it off will that mess up my SEO. A title is pretty important on-page SEO. or If it is the single page is it better because it is closer to the content...
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    show 2 posts on index and category pages of a wordpress blog

    How do I show two posts on index and category pages of a wordpress blog. I can't figure out this loop thing and all the examples I have found are of earlier versions of wordpress. I was able to locate the code for 2 posts on on but the code doesn't look the same when I try to...
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    anchor text to Title and URL match??

    Is there a quick way to build 4 or 5 backlinks to every page on my site for the pages keyword. I have Ultimate Demon, Scrapebox, and GSA-SER. These are low competition long tailed keywords. They don't need a lot of work to make them viable. On page SEO all gets a green indicator from Yoast...
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    Need invite to a list of Adult Torrents Sites. please help me out.

    Empornium is a huge porn site. No invite needed. They are looking for Fappers.
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    The Method to Rank you for Any Keyword

    I use money for a heck of a lot more than funding other case studies. I use it for pretty near everything. I even use money to buy me love. Yes indeed.
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    Keyword Research Tools

    I use Market Samurai. It works on Bing results. MS completely botched it when the moved to Bing. Everything is off.
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    The TRUTH about Keyword Elite 2.0 - HE SPY ON YOU!

    This is a common technique. It is called mining the miner. Its where you charge him super high prices for whiskey and women he wants after he digs up all his gold. You also overcharge him for supplies like food and even toilet paper. Maybe while he is working hard in the mine you have an...
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    How many words (approximately) per page of a post.

    I agree, 500 words is about right. Why are all these SEO guys telling me to go with huge articles. According to Google the average person spends about 7 minutes on my site. Sounds good but only a few people come. Do you think moving to a new page at around 500 words is a good idea. Thanks for...
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    How many words (approximately) per page of a post.

    If I have a 1100 word post should I show it all on 1 Wordpress post, or should it be broken up. One thousand or more words is a lot of jabbering on. Should I put it all on one post or should I spread it out over a couple of pages. Is there an average amount of text that won't scare people...
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    Manual linking - What sites? Do I syndicate articles or all new content?

    Is there a sort of "must have" list when manually building links. Like a Facebook page or a Squidoo lens. If I build these pages do I post the same article on my site to the lens and FB page? Do I hand spin it with The Best Spinner (TBS) and then post? I have a website, it has age (5 years)...
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    I need to check multiple URLs to multiple keywords for SERP

    I am looking at both. I found Ezee Rank Checker last night. I should have read to the bottom of the sales page. They have a free trial.
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    I need to check multiple URLs to multiple keywords for SERP

    I have Market Samurai which does this but, when I went to upgrade for more URLs they only took PayPal.  I don't like PayPal. Who has a similar SERP tracking function. All I want to know is what keywords are ranking for which URL and what postion Google has placed them in. There are about 150 -...
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    How can I scrape all the meta keywords from my wordpress blog.

    How can I scrape all the meta keywords from my wordpress blog. Is there someway to get Wordpress to give the blog administrator this information. In the show all posts it has a column for all the meta keywords but there is no way to just select that text for cutting and pasting. You have to...