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Post archive and excerpts confusion??? I am lost

Discussion in 'Blogging' started by lucabrasi, Jan 5, 2014.

  1. lucabrasi

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    Mar 22, 2010
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    I think the title describes my problem but it may not. I apologize if it is incorrect. Here is what I have and what I would like to accomplish.

    My blog is set to show 1 post per page. So the last post I have made is always on my index page and that is it. No
    other posts show.

    I don't like it this way.

    I would like to show the excerpts of 2 posts (excerpted at about 250 words per post) on my index page.

    I think that the two posts, along with the left hand category navigation would give a visitor some idea of what my
    blog is about, its organisation, and the style, tone, etc. I write in.

    Additionally I would like to display the last 2 posts from each category (excerpted at around 250 words) on each
    main category page.

    If a visitor clicks a link on the left hand navigation they get a 2 post sample of that categories contents.
    Just as another quick preview for the visitor.

    How would I accomplish this automatically. I usually post using Blog Desk and sometimes I post directly from The
    Best Spinner (I use TBS to hand re-write articles sometimes). I don't know if I am smart enough to insert code to
    make the break manually using those tools

    I just went through an ordeal with changing my permalink structure from:

    Because I messed up the job, and because it took a couple of weeks for Google to get rid of the old an now invalid
    links I am a little hesitant to just play with it. Normally I would wrestle with this problem more before I asked someone else to take their time to answer my questions.

    Does anyone have a recommendation for me?

    Thank you for taking time to consider my problem.