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    SMILE: I'm Getting Laser Eye Surgery In The Next 12 Hours

    I have no clue unfortunately. Probably she didn't, otherwise she would have mentioned it, i suppose. Before the surgery she didn't have an issue to see things in close range clearly, but she couldn't identify things from a distance. She was supposed to use glasses for driving. This was...
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    SMILE: I'm Getting Laser Eye Surgery In The Next 12 Hours

    My sister got laser eye surgery too a couple years ago. I'll never forget what she once said after her surgery, when we were driving on a road we use(d) frequently, with houses in the distance. She said/asked: "wait, since when those houses are there, i never saw them before?" Those houses are...
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    My chrome is lagging

    How did you uninstall/reinstall Chrome exactly? Did you delete the browsing data too? If not, delete cache now and see if it makes any difference. It should, if you don't delete it from time to time. Another thing what you can do - if your Chrome runs on a HDD and not an SSD - is...
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    Microsoft to acquire Activision Blizzard for $68.7 billion

    If they want to fuck with Sony, they will make COD MS/Xbox exclusive. :)
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    Does fiverr send traffic to new sellers?

    Would you rather buy a service from a newcomer with zero track record, no reviews or from someone established with positive track record? Naturally buyers go with the latter. This is an evergreen problem for new sellers on sites, which are around for some time, so there can be established...
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    Facebook Dying Out Just Like Myspace Did

    It's dying out, but not exactly how Myspace died out. How old are you? FB is a platform for the older generations now mostly. It's still the goto platform for people over 40, maybe over 30. Young people either switched to something else or the youngest never registered and started out with...
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    Does fiverr send traffic to new sellers?

    Supposedly gigs are given a boost by Fiverr for a short while, when they are new, but that alone might not yield in orders without any reviews. With this initial boost and paid reviews you can stand a chance against established gigs. In the WTB section of the forum for instance.
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    What is Signature in BHW ?

    The signature appears below your posts in the threads you participate in, it's for paid members only. "5. SIGNATURES You must be a Paid Member on this forum in order to use text, links or images in your signature. You may post up to 3 affiliate links or 1 banner comprising of 728x90 pixels...
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    lambo is for boomers

    Considering it's supposed to be something robust, those wheels look too tiny. Maybe it appears like that just because of the trend, that even small cars are equipped with big wheels now. Their previous models are more like it.
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    How many sites do you have?

    9 white labels.
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    Hosting transfer

    Isn't there a backup made by the host? If not, what if you simply rip it with HTtrack?
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    Qbittorrent, Utorrent or ʋ BitTorrent?

    Utorrent on Windows, some older version 1.6 or 1.8 something. Flud (based on libtorrent) on Android. Since i don't really use Windows anymore, i use the latter. Both support deleting the tracker(s) after the peers joined, which is cool, because it means free leech. No download is reported to...
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    PayPal faces lawsuit for freezing customer accounts and funds

    PayPal was sued countless times before for this very same reason, you can find articles from 2 decades ago even. These cases end with a settlement at best. They paid multiple million in these settlements already. Nothing changes, PayPal continue with this practice...
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    H&M Launching new exclusive billion dollar collection.

    Hopefully mass production hasn't started yet, because there's a design flaw. The shot supposed to go into the shoulder, not the arm.