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    Going private: decrease of engagement

    I’m trying to figure out which method is best for my account. I stayed public for around a month with a 17k account and an update of new content. I was expecting a lot of unfollows because the account is based on a character who now looks considerably different with the new content but in the...
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    JARVEE - social media automation tool for: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Tumblr

    What do you recommend limits for follows, unfollows, like and comments for Feb 2020 - just for one account. How many follows would this achieve & do you need to connect to a proxy?
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    Best Instagram Growth Strategy

    whats peoples thoughts on going private then doing regular shoutouts + collaborations?
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    Instagram going private strategy

    what about 17k followers that only follows 90 people? + an account which is similar to Lil Miquela (virtual character / robot).
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    Instagram going private strategy

    Hi! I was wondering if going private is a good strategy for gaining followers? + manually engaging with other posts +collaborations +shoutouts. The page is similar to the robot Lil Miquela. The page has 17,000 followers. I have recently faced a huge decline in engagement over the past 6...
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    [GUIDE] Quick 1k/Day Instagram Growth

    How do you view your stats such as saves, direct messages, views etc if you are on private? Also when people share your image on their story I swear they cant do this when you are on private?
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    Hashtags don´t rank

    lol I wouldnt dismiss this theory. Instagram money hungry. The problem is their ads are pants.
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    Hashtags don´t rank

    I am having the same problems with my hashtags. Couple weeks ago I was getting 4000-8000 hashtag views which still is really low for a 17k account. Recently I have been getting about 1000. Instagram is messed up. Are your images showing up on the hashtag pages? Also where did you buy your...
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    Instagram account dead

    i have 17.2k followers and I use to bot in the past. I have also bought services such as powerlikes and powersaves and powercomments. My account has been heavily automated in the past. I have hardly been shadowbanned though. Maybe blocked from liking 1-2 times and shadowbanned maybe once. My...
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    Best Instagram Automation tool in 2019

    Where do you find these people to do this?