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    Got $200.. What can i do to grow it?

    Really pathetic advice you've gotten so far. Sorry about that. $200 dollars is just enough to test the waters of some of the core online-money-making methods people are always boasting about. We'll go over some but I have to tell you growing money is really hard in the beginning. Think of...
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    Guess it’s time to stop writing blog posts

    I don't mean to state the obvious but sometimes blackhat isn't an option (at least not a viable one.) I often forget there is a right way to do things on the internet and if your consistency and reach are better than the next guy, you're all set. This won't be useful for those offering index...
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    Dropshipping dilemma | Oberlo...

    Thank you. I will make the most of it and see if this is the best solution moving forward. I'll update when I get the best method for those in the same boat. Cheers!
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    Dropshipping dilemma | Oberlo...

    I can't figure out how to set up this easy setting Hey guys! Working on a new dropshipping store and I've decided to commit to high effort email marketing for this particular store. My problem is I can't figure out how to use Oberlo's order confirmation email for Shopify (which includes...
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    They Get ALL The Spotlight!

    I'm not hating the player, I'm trying to understand the game... If you've ever Googled "Best [xyx]" and it happens to be powered by batteries, you've likely stumbled on Wired. Sure, the company is big, but that's not uncommon. Why do these guys absolutely dominate when it comes to Google...
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    $100K Dropshipping Story (Long Read)

    I've been lurking on your responses since the last post you made. You are truly amazing for both your initiative to secure the bag (get money) and helping the community by sharing your experience. Question: In the case where someone has picked out: A niche A proven product (I know you said no...
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    Panic buying has already hit the shelves here in Vegas

    Real Quick, In the US at least, there is no shortage of tp production. They're flying off the shelves because of herd mentality (seriously, google it. No reason to stock up on hygiene paper, it's not essential. People are buying because everyone else is. FOMO.) The outbreak will fluctuate...
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    Katy Perry Pregnant

    Although your ignorances shine through in your replies, I definitely believe you're getting way too much crap for the nature of your post. Just because OP likes celebrity gossip and news, that does not justify being pompous about your disdain for that social culture. There is a world outside...
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    *Believe me, You will fail!*

    This is a great summary of one of my points, there is more to it but I'm glad you read it. I don't know if that's a fair summation. To clarify, where information can be incorrect or sources can be unverifiable, logic takes ideas and promotes them based on merit. if an idea works under severe...
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    *Believe me, You will fail!*

    You are not your failures. Failing tells us something about our goal and about ourselves. When we adapt to them, we overcome them. I wish you luck
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    *Believe me, You will fail!*

    Guys I can see right from the get go that using multiple colors was a mistake. We live and learn. For any brave souls that dared to read the article, I thank you. For those who opted out, I don't blame you. I will continue to write and learn how to encompass my message in an easy to digest...
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    *Believe me, You will fail!*

    I apologize that it distracts you, my goal was to label the subgenres with color. I didn't mean to come off as flashy. Regardless, I thank you for the feedback
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    *Believe me, You will fail!*

    Now, the most fruitful way for me to sharpen my blog writing skills is to write about something I’m interested in and believe you will find useful. Let’s take this win-win opportunity for me to tell you that you, yes you, will fail miserably on your IM journey. Quite frankly, you’ll fail on all...
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    guys...can you not ruin reddit pls?

    If reddit is the only place that gives you hope, you need to do some soul searching. More importantly, spamming is a self resolving issue. People drop a dime on spam bots and spam campaigns only to see no ROI, they stop doing it and POOF! If I remove my absolute distaste for the cespool that is...
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    Sourcing for Instagram Money Accounts

    What's going on, yo? I've got 10 pages that I'm maturing before monetizing (some are affiliate marketing, some are dropshipping -hard to do in 2019, and some are shout out farming) but I'm getting stuck. I aim to post 3 times a day (2 for some since they're video) and that's 10 accounts. I'm...