zip submit

  1. K

    No Classified Traffic Allowed at Affiliate Network.

    I am about to test out the basic CL spam method with some of the emails I've collected and I just noticed that all of the free product offers on my affiliate network strictly forbid classified traffic. I'm wondering how the networks will be able to tell that my traffic is coming from people I am...
  2. 6

    Zip submit offer?

    Hey! I'm new to IM, BH and all that stuff. I've been thinking about some methods for a few days now and I think I finally came up with a good one. All I need now is a CPA network that offers zip submit. I already looked and only found email submit offers. It would be nice if someone could tell...
  3. raybes

    Network With Good Zip Submits?

    I'm looking for suggestions on affiliate networks that currently have some decent-paying zip submits, for one of my current projects (which may or may not have been thought of, it definitely isn't being implemented wide-spread, but if I can pull it off and drive enough traffic I think it is a...
  4. B

    Who are the advertisers for email/zip submits and how do they do it?

    Hey, I have been promoting email/zip submits for quite some time, but recently realized that on some occassions the large companys are not paying for these submits to CPA networks, for example JetBlue is not actually making the offer that gives the customer 2 free tickets just for filling in...
  5. N

    Newbie questions with cpa

    I'm a newbie in online money making and I've many questions about CPA. Fist I'm a member of C0peac and Milln1c cpa network and I want to use zip/email submit method. I've devellop many method for drive traffic to my cpa affiliate links and many people have approved her email adress but i've only...
  6. JesterJoker

    how do I make zip submits worth it?

    I just recently came across a site that pays me for zip submits The payment is like 1.20 a submit, for a dropdown with a state and a zipcode. I know the sites block non usa IP addresses. What are the best ways to take advantage of these. Theres also sites that will pay me $3 an...
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