1. S

    How to Trend Youtube Video in top 5?

    I want to trend the youtube video in the top 5 trending videos. How can I do this? there's any trick or what?
  2. B

    [Q]Good to go with this Football review channel?

    Hi BHW, Today i saw a channel. and i find it quite interesting one.. he post football news, and make image slideshow + adding copyrighted football game video and adds own voice commentary thats it. and he has very huge fan following 500+ sub with 100k plus views daily. So my...
  3. Azam Khan

    What Do You Mean By A Popular YouTube Channel?

    As a YouTube people want to build their channel successful. They want their channel growing into a huge channel. And it's true that everyone like to become famous not only on YouTube but in social media. Today I want to share my thought that is, What do you mean by a popular channel? What is a...
  4. V

    Need a Programmer or a Coder on who can build up system for YT High Retention Views .

    Its a great opportunity for working. One Time Payment or Monthly Fixed Payments can be set up or also a partnership in Overall Business . I am open to all options Need a person who had worked on the project earlier or he knows what to do to achieve this. How to pass responses to Youtube...
  5. Smithuk

    Need trusted reseller panel link for youtube views with at least 5mins watch time

    Hi everyone, i need a trusted reseller panel link for youtube views with at least 5mins watch time, i need high retention views. I buy regularly more than million views on daily basis. SO i expect less price per 1000 views for a regular business. i dont know where the reseller panels have...