1. Valentina_T

    How to calculate search volumes on YouTube and Amazon

    I'm trying to calculate the search volumes of the suggested keywords in Youtube and Amazon. I have seen that there are tools that offer this (paid) service but, having not found an "official" data, I don't know how reliable they are. I would like to try to understand which data to consider to...
  2. Sachindx

    2019 YouTube killing this smart work

    Now , I feel so sad because YouTube take action who use copy tagging method as a SEO. Today I got a new mail from Youtube that some one claim towards their own tags copying issue.so I have to delete my video with 1.4million views .so what I do the next for SEO. Want your expert 2019 YouTube seo...
  3. KnowledgeAble

    The Understanding of YT SEO

    This is all based on how I have been ranked highly in YT and solely that out of numerous experiments. Titles: Titles must have keywords in the first 3-5 words Titles with special characters such as () ! / ? - , these rank higher adding the date normally helps depending on what the video is...
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