1. NightSquirrel

    Starting a YT channel as a photographer 2021?

    Hi folks! New here :p I want to start a Photography channel on Youtube, but I don't know HOW to start... That have been my problem on everything - "HOW to start" because I haven't done it before and I want to get some ideas on what I should think of and some ideas on what I should be doing...
  2. B

    [Q]Good to go with this Football review channel?

    Hi BHW, Today i saw a channel. and i find it quite interesting one.. he post football news, and make image slideshow + adding copyrighted football game video and adds own voice commentary thats it. and he has very huge fan following 500+ sub with 100k plus views daily. So my...
  3. GoGol96


    Hello BHW Members! I hope your doing well. I know that Youtube has made a lot of changes and a lot of new rules, especially about monetization.Nowdays is really hard to keep your channel monetized.They only enable monetization If you show your face or voice in your own videos. But I wanted to...
  4. Azam Khan

    What Do You Mean By A Popular YouTube Channel?

    As a YouTube people want to build their channel successful. They want their channel growing into a huge channel. And it's true that everyone like to become famous not only on YouTube but in social media. Today I want to share my thought that is, What do you mean by a popular channel? What is a...