youtube views method

  1. YtSeoMonster

    How can i trace real time viewing in Youtube?

    For example when i make views with private proxy, the views reach the video an hour later but when i watch it myself its processing immediately. From what i've heard we can reflect it directly. I searched it but couldn't find myself. Can anyone help me about this?
  2. A

    The current state of Youtube views (February 2018).

    Not so long ago a massive disruptive update was implemented inside the Youtube views algorithm. And like dominoes, each big and small player in the SMM niche fell like dominoes, cancelling practically every single views orders that was put into their panels. From my understanding, some highly...
  3. R

    Who has tested this YouTube views script?

    Hi, Does anyone have review on this YT views script which is available for 97 dollars? I am not allowed to post URL here. The website is the same as the name of the script YTviewsincreaser. I am sorry if this script has been discussed before. If someone can point to the thread about feedback...
  4. petrovski

    How to get 300 YT views

    Ok this is an old stupid simple method, to get YT views, but it wont get you over the 300+ barrier. It can be useful just to kick start your own video... This works with FireFox and Chrome. Install these addons: Firefox = reloadevery Chrome = auto refresh plus Open Firefox, go to your YT...
  5. funkybunker

    Who provides celebrity youtube views?

    I am simply curious, let's face it, even from skittles Psys 3 billion views would have cost $750,000 if I'm not mistaken. Their companies definitely have their own bots so perhaps that's the case. Youtube is just so saturated with mega views, the public doesn't consider you much good if you're...
  6. B

    Youtube jumpstart?

    i had bought a lifetime thingy for the old yt jumpstart then it just stopped working for whatever reason... first off i am sick of buying things lifetime and it goin under within a few months...if you are a bot devolper please do not even offer lifetime options until you know for a fact you...
  7. E

    JV [YouTube] ViewTornado - 300 Credits !

    ViewTornado - 300 Credits = 30,000 Views izSpK - Service I...
  8. S

    Method to get fast youtube views??

    Hello BHW users, I am willing to know method of getting fast youtube views (5-10k/day minimum)...i have used all views exchange websites like vagex,enhanceviews,viewt,u2b and but haven't got the results like what fanbombs have provided (i.e more than 10k/day) as they had provided 10k...