youtube view increase

  1. B

    Looking for an actual YouTube View Bot with some requirements.

    Hi, I am looking for someone who can make a YouTube bot for me, specifically one that accepts username : password auth (in all possible forms). I've tried other bots before but most can only accept elite or premium proxies which YouTube most of the after 24 hrs drop the views to halve or more...
  2. Caramelman7

    Question about YouTube views and how to increase it

    Okay so I have been wondering whether, getting views on a video will be done only if an account was signed in. What I m trying to say is do we need to accounts to generate views or can we just use incognito and some proxies to generate views ? If we can do it,are there some free tools for this ...
  3. fxmanaged

    Maximizing Video Revenue through 3rd Parties? Is this even possible?!

    We have multiple businesses in different industries with different YouTube channels. Our biggest channel has around 88k subs, is in the luxury niche, and makes us around $1k a month. This doesn't even cover a 3rd of the money we put into the video in terms of time, resources, etc. One of our...
  4. Smithuk

    Need youtube views for 1000+ videos, must be non drop

    hi, I need 50k youtube video views for 1000+ videos each, its over 50million views order and continuous orders should be expected. Please note: views must be NON DROP my budget is the lowest bid per 1000 views. currently offered 0.25-0.3/k. if you can do same or less please post price per k...
  5. masudrana22

    [Buy] Youtube unlimited Views Script

    Hi friends, I'm looking for a Youtube View Increaser Script 100% Retention. any one can make it or have it? If you have or wants to make for me, Please contact with me on Skype. My Skype ID: masud.rana8008 ____ Advance Thanks
  6. S

    [GET] YouTube and TrafficBot for - FREE :-) approx. 10K coins per hour

    New version, fixed also memory leak issues ... It works on 3 threads, 2 for YouTube views, one for traffic exchange. You can earn up to 10K coins per hour (based on VIP member pages and videos, as they get most coins of all) At least you should get 5K per hour. Bot will work until all websites...
  7. J

    How to increasing my youtube video watch

    Hi BHW how to increasing my youtube video viewer , you have a any ideas please help me :06: thanks:
  8. sfidirectory

    How much would 200/day lifetime Youtube video views cost?

    Hi everyone, I tried to purchase a gig to get the Youtube views on Fiverr via my PayPal but as soon as I completed payment of the gig I just got pointed back to the Fiverr home page and the gig I ordered wasn't even in the 'Shopping' section (where you can see what you have ordered). It's been...
  9. P

    Youtube Views - Does it really matter?

    I see many ppl trying to increase views of their video artificially in YT. I want to know wy they are doing like tat. Is it that, if they get more views artificially they ll be listed in top visited videos, so they might get more organic views.. I feel many bots, promising that they generate...
  10. HaxTuTorial

    Youtube view increaser[delphi]

    A few weeks ago i coded a view increaser that increases views using a p2p-based system problem been there were alot of errors which caused it to be falsely detected as a trojan and i didn't have any ways of promoting it so i shut the whole project down a few days after i finished it. Now i...
  11. HaxTuTorial


  12. HaxTuTorial

    Increasing youtube views using a p2p-based system

    i've coded a bot that increases views using a p2p-based system, the bot basically views all sent urls for 10 seconds then repeats this process but is 10 seconds enough? how long must a video be viewed for youtube to count it as a view? or should i code the bot to navigate to the next url...
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