youtube videos

  1. BradyX

    Videos getting removed coz of suicide and death related content

    Hello Recently i uploaded some videos like mysterious deaths in hollywood, murder mysteries around the world, curse of annabelle doll, dangerous apps etc. But they are being removed by Youtube I see many similar videos already on youtube (with many showing live clippings from dark web sites)...
  2. BradyX

    How to Get Topic Ideas for Interesting Facts Based Channel on Youtube?

    Hello I will be starting am Interesting Facts Based Channel on Youtube Can you guys please share your ideas on what things to keep in mind while finding/ researching topics I largely want to focus on the quality of content Here are some points which I have made: Anything else you want to add...
  3. chris barker

    1¢ Per TikTok Compilation Shorts Videos For YouTube [ Title & Desc Included ]

    TIKTOK COMPILATION SHORTS FOR YOUTUBE UPLOAD & COPY PASTE TITLE AND DESCRIPTION Hello BHW, Recently, I started my youtube journey with tiktok compilation videos. I have started with shorts and am getting some good traction. I have started my journey thread. Please check here...
  4. BradyX

    From where to source funny pet videos for youtube compilation channel

    Hello I want to create a channel using compilation videos of funny pets Can anyone tell from where I can find these videos? There are many channels who get these videos from 3rd party sites and then compile them I just want to find those sites
  5. kunnu

    DemoTiger - Free 15 Videos | Buy custom branded Videos for Hosting companies - Full HD - cPanel/SolusVM, WHMCS

    TOS: Refund: We do not provide a refund, please use a 15 free videos plan. If you will be satisfied then place an order. Delivery time: 12 to 24 hours. Contact No: - WhatsApp: +91-959-959-5010 Email: [email protected] For any query, You can Contact Us.
  6. HarshaYt

    Can I copy Info from one video and Redo it in my native language?!pls help

    Pls help me with this
  7. Ankith K Shetty

    This Youtube Channel just <Exploded> in a Week! COVID-19!

    Hi guys, I found this youtube channel: This channel went from 400 Subscribers to 33K Sub in a week! The guy actually put up a video explaining he had no idea what he was doing, he was just uploading random video: lucky guy! here he...
  8. EternalFun

    Optimized Video but still no rank, merely 1-2 views !

    Back in december, uploaded some videos, did LSI keywords, put good descriptions, eye catchy thumbnail and still no rank. What should I do other than buying views? How are other channels starting and growing so fast? What's the secret lol
  9. EternalFun

    Youtube channels and ranking

    So we get told to properly use title, around 200 words descriptions targeting kws and putting up good kws to rank right? But I see channels with even mere 1k subscribers with just 3-4 words title, and like 1 line description of not related to the video and with no tags or max 1-2 one word seed...
  10. EternalFun

    Ranking issue - What to do?

    Hi, channel is about 9 years old and videos are about 1.5 months old. Still no views despite doing good optimization. What to do? Am worried about buying non-dropping HQ views coz generally all HQ views that are advertised as non dropping does drop after sometime right? and then YouTube being...
  11. Oudman

    Youtube Videos Monetization

    Hey guys, Is there an expert in Youtube here? The question is, is there a way to just download a video from any channel and start monetizing it? I am talking about videos from the so-called public domain. Where I come from there are tons of classical tv shows that were uploaded by Youtubers...
  12. market88

    A small-targeted niche no one on BHW is talking about

    Just wanted to share a small-targeted niche that no one on BHW is talking about simply because this is a digital marketing website and not an acting resource. I've struggled a lot with getting YouTube videos and subscribers, and although I can point out obvious reasons: not entertaining enough...
  13. EternalFun

    Can I use envato's video templates?

    Hi, can I use these templates without buying? I mean I got a massive collection of videohive's templates and envato's video templates so wondering if I can get a copyright claim...
  14. EternalFun

    Using Videohive's addons without buying

    Hi, can we get copyright claim or get caught if we use things from for our youtube videos without buying?
  15. kiks

    Youtube Text Overlay is OFF?

    Hello to everyone :) Until yesterday afternoon all my videos from different channels had text overlay but today I don't even see the option to add text overlay. I also visited a well-known webhosting company videos that they use always text overlay but it's off too. Any of you heard guys...
  16. BlueBuzzy

    Embedding YouTube videos slows down my blog. Is there a way to fix this?

    Embedding YouTube videos slows down my blog. Is there a way to fix this? I've seen tons of scripts but I don't know much when it comes to scripts and CSS. How do you guys do this? Thank you for help!
  17. Nasus

    Can I reupload old YouTube videos

    and have them rank again...? Does anyone have any experience with this?
  18. EternalFun

    What are my options with youtube?

    Hi, I want to make videos more like talk and review and such but my english is not that good tbh and not sounding good. So, what are my options? I dont want to hire any girl from fiverr or have any voice from any freelancer sites because that's what most are doing and it gets common and no...
  19. EternalFun

    How are they getting away?

    Hi, I see many tv shows, anime, nfl and other such videos uploaded by users and was able to monetize and they keep on going like this? Example - These guys upload highlights and are getting away. Then I saw people uploading movies, tv shows, animes. Seriously how are they able to monetize...
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