youtube traffic

  1. D

    Stuck at $5 per day on Recap Channel. Need advice !!

    Hi, I need some advice on my YouTube Channel. I have a Recap YouTube Channel and it makes $0- $5 per day. Views range from 500 - 3000. The Channel is focused on Animated Movies. Rather than depending on Adsense Earnings I want to utilize the Traffic I received for YouTube Videos and Sell them...
  2. GringoMonkey

    (JV) Your Product / Service, My Youtube Traffic

    I can get targeted youtube traffic for pretty much any niche. If you have a product or service that would work well with youtube traffic, this maybe the jv for you. % negotiable, but you will need an affiliate program, so i can track conversions and the payout will need to be in a reasonable...
  3. Caramelman7

    Question about YouTube views and how to increase it

    Okay so I have been wondering whether, getting views on a video will be done only if an account was signed in. What I m trying to say is do we need to accounts to generate views or can we just use incognito and some proxies to generate views ? If we can do it,are there some free tools for this ...
  4. P

    YouTube growth hacks (Help)

    Hey guys, I just want to start some YT channels. (I am Instagram "expert") But the problem is I don't know-how. How to grow. I have: 1)Good content. 2) Little traffic from IG. 3) Bot to write and like comments on the same niche videos I would like to scale up it on 100/day each...
  5. austin.c

    My YouTube latin traffic (millions) + your method

    Hello, Im the admin of a youtube channel with almost 7 millions followers. We upload videos every 3 days and get 500k to 1M views on each video. The traffic is not the best but maybe it can generate some good money. Our viewers are kids 7 to 14, from south america. Somebody have a good method...
  6. O

    Youtube google traffic

    YouTube video also comes from the analysis traffic google. but I couldn't find the search query. how can I reach.
  7. BusinessSmack

    My Journey | Creating A Course

    Background I've been trading since 2011 and now make a decent portion of my income off of it. Summer last year I launched a YT channel to 1. grow a network (trading can get a bit hermity), 2. ideally - help other people get into the market after getting overwhelmed with friend questions, and 3...
  8. jimmybun

    100K Visitors Daily on YouTube with $0 Conversion

    Hello BHW, Currently, I'm reaching my daily 100k daily or 200k per 48 hours traffic on YouTube from two of my sexy massage channels (the original videos). Both of them were demonetized last two months due to adult content. Now I'm really not sure in which platform that I can make money on this...
  9. jimmybun

    Traffic Source for Adsense Website

    I understand that the traffic is align with the content or twisted end page. I own lots of YT channels with more than 100k sub, Facebook page more that 1m fans, & Facebook groups more than 3m members in about 50s USA Groups. But nothing above can bring me great amount of traffics like earlier...
  10. Sra1

    Watch time

    Hello everyone I want to oberncoo my youtuen watchtime and 1k subs to enable monitizing Is there any one here to help me ? Is there any one providing this type of services ? And one more question how to ping other's Everyone is saying that person to get stuff but I don't no how to ping I...
  11. dkv023

    Youtube hom much traffic i can get

    Is it any statistic how much views it reque to get 100 visitors to website from descreption link? I mean how much views do I need to recieve 100 vis per day to my website.
  12. MikeX93

    YTMonster views + Adsense. Did anyone get banned?

    Hey, Did anyone get banned by boosting views with adsense enabled via YTMonster? I remember that half a year ago when I tried this, the revenue from these views was removed a few days after, is it still the same? Thanks :)
  13. stuna

    Rank Higher In Google In 2018 By Increasing Your Click Through Rates - TODAY!..

    NEW UPDATED - 2018.. Stuna Traffic Bot PRO v3.0
  14. L

    How to get smaller amounts of Youtube traffic 100+

    Hi, There are many providers of YouTube traffic but they all seem to start with 1000 views, which is a big jump from nothing. Are there any dependable sources/providers of traffic at lower levels of say 100, or 200 minimum? Thanks :-)
  15. F

    TE for youtube, atleast 500 views a day, nondrop

    Is anyone using some TE for youtube, which gives atleast 50% non drop views? I don't need to monetize them, I don't even need HR views to rank the video I just need atleast 500 views per day to video..
  16. A

    Who can send me traffic from youtube?

    Hello, guys. I have a very good affiliate program, that pays big commisions - from 1,200$ up to 10 000$ per sale. I wonder if there are some youtube professionals here, who can send me targeted traffic on moneymaking nich? If so, please, let me know :-)
  17. Aceix

    Growing A Youtube Channel

    Can anybody give some advice on some black hat methods to grow/promote a youtube channel. I mostly do gaming videos and so far I've gotten a couple hundred subscribers, but I want to know how to exploit some social media sites to drive more traffic to my youtube channel. If anybody could point...
  18. A

    $114/day from Youtube Video Commenting

    Hey my friends what's up? Finally i made $114/day with a ppd network and youtube traffic. Below is video that i recorded for you. (Hope this will motivate you) and I want to let you know that I have 0.4 epc I will explain my method to...
  19. G

    Looking for YouTube Traffic Expert

    Hi BHW, I am looking to drive enough views to a YouTube video to rank on the "most popular" tabs. I am looking for someone who has done this before and can show proof that it was successful and the video wasn't penalized or anything. Do NOT contact me if you cannot show proof. Price...
  20. A

    FYI Maximum traffic on Youtube using bots.

    This is how far you can push your bots before putting flags up on Youtube's server and risk getting banned (note: 2012 figures) : Commenting on Videos: 1 per 4min // 15 p/hour // 360 p/day Commenting on Channels : 1 per 4min // 15 p/hour // 360 p/d Subscriptions : 1 per 2.5 min // 24 p/hour...
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