youtube tool

  1. zuhrul

    [GET] Youtube Video Ranking Checker (Simple)

    Hello, Today I want to share what I code yesterday for BHW members. This tool name is YoutubeRanker - Sobocode. This app will help you to know how your video ranks on Youtube. currently supported country (US, EU, FR, ID) soon will add more. HOW TO USE IT? Open app...
  2. Soiju

    Which Tools for Youtube Keyword Research?

    Hello, I am new to the Youtube game. Can anyone help me by telling me the different tools available for Youtube keyword research? Is there one that could provide the number of volume for a specific keyword? Thanks in advance
  3. webhostingproviders

    [Need] Youtube Comment, View Bot

    Looking for best Yotube bot, which works on most features of youtube. Love to give it a try.
  4. G

    [FREE DOWLOAD] Udemy YOUTUBE How I Make $2000 A Month On YouTube With No Filming

  5. H

    Need Suggestions!!

    Hello Everyone! My name is Hesham from Egypt, I need good suggestions about BEST tool to rank my YouTube video. What is the best one? And What's it cost? Thank you so much, Hesham
  6. KaisGuy

    YouTube Research Software - What do you want?

    Hi Guys, So, I have been in the process of well, getting software or a service (whatever you want to call it) developed. The reason? Well, there are multiple actually. For starters, the current software / services out there are just shite. It either lacks what you really want or cant do the...
  7. Mutikasa

    [GET] Youtube Editor

    With this one you can choose videos and edit the Title, Description and Keywords. Login screen: Choose videos to edit: Edit the videos. Textboxes are in order: - title - description - tags each video is separated by line YouTube has restriction, so try it with fewer videos first than...
  8. Mutikasa

    YT mini add comenter

    I made something today for my needs so I'm sharing if someone can use it. It is PHP script with html form which u can use to comment video of your choice. Just input username and password of the commenter, videoId of the video you want to comment and, of course, the comment. The setup is not...
  9. Mutikasa

    Youtube simple tool

    I've made something today. Simple tool for download videos from YT, V and DM and upload them back to your YT account. At the time I support only 1 link at once because don't have much bandwidth. the link is I will be slowly upgrading more stuff so, if u have any suggestions...
  10. Inforequeter3

    (GET) UTUBE USER EXTRACTOR - Youtube bot, youtube account, youtube extractor, youtube tool

    I love to design Internet Marketing Tools and I will take some requests. I decided to code a Youtube Bot that extracts User Names or User Links (links to their channel) based on any given keyword. Here is the pic: Pic 2: Actually it's fully functional. Here is the link to download...
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