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May 23, 2011
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I've made something today.
Simple tool for download videos from YT, V and DM and upload them back to your YT account.
At the time I support only 1 link at once because don't have much bandwidth.

the link is

I will be slowly upgrading more stuff so, if u have any suggestions post them in here, enjoy
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welcome, please tell if u have any errors. For me it was working fine.
Just wait a little, I don't have any progress bar or something yet
Okay, made a sample account to check this out. So far I filled in all of the fields, put in a Videos URL and hit Submit. Now I think it is processing but there is nothing to tell me what the status is/any kind of way to see that it is actually doing anything while it just sits there.....
UPDATE: After a few minutes suddenly the browser tells me that the video is downloading and is showing me a "Video Uploaded:" bit of text..... will update again once it completes. It doesn't really seem to be doing anything again/I cannot tell if it is doing anything. Maybe you can install some sort of process bar?
after Video uploaded: there should be your youtube link. go check it out.
I don't have any progress bar yet, I just made this
Yeah, no matter what I do it just shows this:
"your videos are downloading...
video uploaded: "
with no links. Nothing seems to be happening.
What links? The links of the original videos I put in the URL field? It isn't exporting any links/uploads....
yes, that links.
But i found the problem. If u have any quotes in the title or description it won't work.
I will fix it. Use the titles without quotes in it for now
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Okay, submitting again. I hope the issue was fixed. If this worked it would be a great tool.
Dude. This is AMAZING. Super easy. I just had my first success with it, now running it in the background. I have a few questions though, where are these files being downloaded to? Are they going to some server you have and then being deleted afterwards/after re-uploading or how does this process work? Also, how long will this site be up? Excellent work though, highly recommend.
where are these files being downloaded to? Are they going to some server you have and then being deleted afterwards/after re-uploading or how does this process work?

I'd expect it to grab the videos to his server, and then just logging into the account with the information provided and using some YT API for upload.

I'm also giving it a round ATM (it just timed out, giving it another shot).

OP, could you consider providing the needed files publicly available that those who want could just run it locally/on their own servers?

Seems to work pretty much perfectly! Although for me the site just timeouts after (successfully) dealing with the videos. So got the videos double time in my account, lol. Also, special characters (e.g., star ☆ - UTF8?) doesn't seem to print out correctly after. Not that big of an issue, just mentioning.
You could maybe add the possibility of custom title for each video? Personally I'd like to use "my own format" with video titles. Sure I know it can be done afterwards in YT, but while we're in the middle of "LAZY"... ;)

But indeed, it's really nice service!
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Amazing simple Tool, i was looking for..
This works for me :)

I have uploaded 3 videos to test.
it's Fast and simple to use.

Although I have a couple of questions.
I tried to upload 3 videos as follows:

Put 3 links line-by-line
put 3 descriptions line-by-line
put 3 set of tags, line-by-line

But all 3 videos uploaded having the same Description and Tags. May you please guide us on how we may have different descriptions and tags for each video being uploaded?

just tested with a new youtube account and it works great. thanks
but i am afraid to use with my main account :D
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